Bible Basics for the Illiterate

CCM are increasingly met with the challenge of assisting others in teaching the Bible's message to the illiterate and at times the mentally challenged. Obviously the only really effective way that this can be done is through one on one personal instruction and discussion. But time and again we are asked for any resources that might help. Photos and videos are fine for presenting background information; but the bottom line is, that those wishing to believe the Gospel must be taught what the Gospel actually is in real hard doctrinal terms. How do we do this in the context of illiterate people? In this online age, written material has become increasingly relied upon as a teaching medium. But what of those who can't read? 'Make it visual' is without doubt good advice, and the Lord's parables set the example. But how does one go about making the doctrines of the Gospel, things which are in a sense abstract... visual? We'd welcome your input. We've been asked to produce some visual explanations of basic Gospel themes. To make a start towards this, we've sketched out some ideas. We're not graphic artists. We're wondering if there's anyone out there who would like to have a go at rendering our very rough scribbles into presentable drawings? Any who can help could take a digital photo [or scan] of what they manage to do and send to us at . Before you go look at what we've sketched out, we have to make an admission. In seeking to present truths about God, we have wracked our minds as to how to present God in another way than a matchstick image. If you think you'd find this offensive, don't look! We'd really be interested in your views as to how to make doctrine about God visual, without using images which in some ways appear to demean our Heavenly Father. He is presented to us in Scripture as a personal being, and yet how to present that fact visually to illiterate people we find beyond us. We have prayed for His forgiveness in advance if what we've done is a wrongful making an image of the invisible God... but He also knows our sincere desire to spread the knowledge of Him to others, especially those we've previously overlooked in our witness. So please let us know your ideas, criticisms, suggestions, experiences, and let us have your artistic input!

You can see the ideas at this link...Our Ideas

Here are the responses we've received so far:A Bible Timeline Ted Sleeper
Creation John Parkes
The Days of Creation Char Kirsch
God as Creator of the Universe Harry Finch
Moral Issues Harry Finch
The Unity of God Robin Jones
The Throne of God Tim Crawley
The Kingdom of God (Isaiah 11:9) Harry Finch
Abraham sees his seed from a watercolour by Harry Finch
The Resurrection of Christ from a watercolour by Harry Finch
The resurrection of Christ, Cartoon strip Harry Finch and Ralph Bailey
The crucifixion of Christ, Cartoon strip Harry Finch
The Bible Char Kirsch
Daniel's prophecy Char Kirsch
The purpose of God Lisa McCorrie
The book of Revelation in pictures Ted Russell
Bible timeline as a series of bookmarks Robin Jones
Psalm 23 Audrey Christophersen