Special Appeal

The brothers and sisters of the CCM are writing to tell you about our work and to appeal to you to take part in it.

Attached you will find some detailed information which we hope you and your ecclesia will prayerfully reflect upon in depth. We wish to set before you very clearly the thrilling and exciting prospects before us, and the ways in which you can become part of spreading the Gospel to the entire world.

Our Aims and Principles:

- to take Christ to those who have not heard, in every nation

- to distribute Bibles and preaching literature in as many languages as possible, so that contacts can read in their own languages

- to ensure that all contacts are thoroughly instructed in the truth about our Lord Jesus Christ, and then baptised into his Saving Name

- to encourage them to teach their families about the Gospel, and to share their thoughts and feelings with other brothers and sisters by meeting them or correspondence

- to help them in facing the often radical and traumatic results of their conversion, and to alleviate genuine cases of severe poverty

- to serve them by pastoral care, with the aim of developing spiritually self-supporting ecclesias, able to take responsibility for local preaching

Some of our members have been quietly pursuing this work for many years, and our attached report is to tell you the story of this.