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Hoping that by God's grace you are all okay. Thanks for your letter; I see that you have had a recent medical challenge; I have been praying for you and hope things have greatly improved.

Thanks to God I am O.K. I had been living in a sort of dream world for some time, thinking a lot about being out there, and expecting to be outside soon for things looked very promising. Everything was in place for us to leave prison, and after 20 years behind bars I could almost taste freedom. My bags were packed and I was just waiting for the call to leave. Then the Minister of Justice was fired.

His successor announced shortly after taking office last October that the inmates would be pardoned, give her a couple of weeks. Earlier this year she said that the plan to pardon was the former Minister's dream, but it's not her dream. I had been living with the expectation of being pardoned for over a year, and when I realized that God wasn't ready I had to "reprogram" my mind to deal with the fact that I have to spend some more time in here.

I am very thankful for my spiritual family out there, you have helped to keep me strong, and being busy most of the day has helped to keep my mind off the disappointment, but I'm over that now. I will wait till God is ready and keep trusting in Him, continuing my spiritual journey, helping others when I can and trying to be a better person in God's sight. I was back to teaching English for a few months. I pray that God will continue to bless the great work being done.

~ Bro. George Constantine

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