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My family, our Ecclesia and I are pretty well here in Kinshasa. We thank you so much for the work you are doing for God. Be blessed! Our prayer is to be together with Jesus Christ in his Kingdom soon.

Bro. Kim's in his office, reading the Gospel News Below: The Kinshasa Ecclesia and Bro. Jadot

About the Bibles, we have shared these among brethren and sisters in Kinshasa. I have difficulties about the pictures because my camera was broken when I came from Mbandaka last month and I can't have another. But, I used my best to have these. After Kinshasa, we sent the French Bibles to brethren, sisters and friends who don't live in Kinshasa (10 Bibles at Mbandaka, 10 at Nkana, and 5 at Kunzulu and 5 to Maluku).

I am learning English and I am now in the first level and we must have three levels (three months each level), which means we will have nine months. I am not at all able finish to pay tuition fees for six months; I pay 20$us per month.

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Thanks a lot for the variety of literature on the Basic Bible Truths which had been out of stock in our ecclesia for some time. These will help us a lot. Thank you also for the book on James and the other study papers.

~ Bro. Hohn Muyala

The ecclesias of the whole world at large have benefitted because of the work of the CAT. Through God's power it has given to many the Word of Truth and many are being saved thereby. Our lives are in the hands of God. God's servants believe that what He has promised must be fulfilled. We are promised salvation through our belief in our Saviour, Jesus Christ and it is the will of God to give us eternal life at the time of the end.

I have read the Gospel News magazine and its impact is a far-reaching one. It has influenced us and those in the world who are reading it, so I hope, God willing, to continue reading it even though the costs are quite difficult.

We have now come out of the country's campaigns and the General Elections have secured a new President.

~ Bro. Martin Sibole

Thank you for the Bibles, the DVD, "The Real Devil" and the Bible studies with assistance.

~ Bro. Francis Mayende

The New European Version Holy Bible: My comment on this project is really good. Most people like it as it has been clearly written with relevant references. All the Bibles you sent me were distributed and now the demand is high. I therefore still need more if you have any in stock. The readers recommend this version because of its clear English language which enables them to understand and translate it to the students who prepare themselves for baptism. I therefore recommend that the project should continue to prosper and I request 80 more copies if it is possible. We are very positive towards this project.

~ Bro. Clement Fwamba

Bro. Clement Fwamba


"No man has seen God at any time," the Bible tells us in John 1:18. His literal appearance and His splendour are beyond human comprehension. But just as a good teacher explains matters to students in terms they can relate to, so God through His Word the Bible describes things we cannot see by means of things we can see. May God bless you and give you more expert knowledge.

~ Bro. Jacob & Sis. Phoebe Waliaula

Thank you for the Gospel News magazine and the book about organic farming which we have seriously read, it has given us good knowledge and when put into practice it leads to an increase in our food production as we are faced with many problems due to climate change, where rainfall patterns have changed and different diseases and pests threaten to destroy our crops. Thank you also for the CD which we hope we shall get a friend with the necessary gadget to play for us. We request 10 copies of the book on organic farming for brothers and sisters to learn more about it.

~ Bro. David and Sis. Jacklyne Wanjala

Bro. Jacob Waliaula and family

Thank you in abundance for the DVDs, (The Real Devil) which you sent to us. It has practically shown light and truth in our lives. Personally I have encountered those who do not understand what the devil is. Through the DVDs we can now understand better.

My daughter has been an example, whereby she is a victim of sickle cell. The nurse that used to treat her in a private clinic could not see that she was making any progress. On realising that I had spent a lot, she advised me to seek for other alternatives. She said that we had to visit a special servant of God who by special prayers could drive away the devil that always caused sickness in her life and then my daughter would be well. I was astonished, while gazing at her with regret that she believed in false prophets. I felt very sorry to have taken my daughter to see her and told her that I did not believe what she said. I told her that God is the only solution to our problems. My daughter was suffering great pain and I had to seek for other ways and to leave to seek for further medication. Fortunately in the other private clinic we were advised to have tests in Bungoma District Hospital and that is where the sickling test was done and hence the cause was known. She has been admitted twice into district hospitals and also into a private hospital, which is very expensive, when I had to sell my two goats to pay the bill. At the moment she attends check-ups and at least we can find some solace but when she is in a painful crisis we expect to watch her for about three days and nights. We are living in the hope of the prayers of the brothers and sisters worldwide. Every month we have to make sure whether we are able or not to get money for some medicine which she needs daily.

We have stood firm in preaching the truth about the devil and many are getting interested in our literature materials. Had we not got the truth about the real devil we could have been misled. Please remember us in your prayers as we expect more materials from you. With love and waiting for our Lord Jesus in the Kingdom which is coming soon.

~ Bro.Jacob and Sis.Jedeliah Walianla


I have missed the Gospel News since June 2012 and I do not know the reason why. This is our promise from God (Is.59:21), that we shall not cease or stop preaching the Good News of the Kingdom of God. I enjoy reading articles from different brothers from different parts of the world and know that CAT is very busy. I do thank you for the Bible.

~ Bro. Walter Wanyama Wasike


I appreciate your letter full of encour- agement and appreciation. I love the Gospel News magazine as it helps me to preach the gospel to brothers and sisters plus friends. I give my personal thanks to you and the Advancement Trust as a whole for the work you are doing world-wide. I am trying my level best to see that the Word reaches many. Thank you very much for the books, leaflets, DVDs etc

~ Bro. Martin W. Barasa

(Baraton Ecclesia - pictured above right)

Some of Baraton Ecclesial members, Nyasi, Ndalu and Kaptama. I am the second person with a Bible in hand

We greet you here at Shimo La Tewa Ecclesia and are happy and hopeful that you are fine in the Name of Jesus Christ, who is the coming King of this world. We are fine also. I want to thank you so much for sending us New Testament Bibles, Bible Basics, the Gospel News magazine and the CD which has very exciting teaching for brethren, sisters and friends. "The Real Devil" shows to my ecclesia what the devil really is. May God bless you and continue to finance CAT so that you can continue to send us Scriptural literature which we so need to teach and strengthen us and help to make us fit for the return of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God.

In our ecclesia we have 13 brethren, 16 sisters and 10 interested friends who are able to read English and who we hope to be baptised soon.

~ Bro. Anthony Wafula


I am well but in isolation on this side of Kisumu country, struggling to broadcast the words of life to the residents in the area. It has been disappointing as the respondents turn back to their former denominations, citing a lot of things that they think are lacking in our Church formations. By the way, I am planning to set up a library at Katito so that one can read and understand for oneself at any time, what the Truth entails. I have therefore kept two NEV Bibles, two New Testaments, The Real Devil, etc. for that purpose. Living in isolation makes one voiceless in regard to any assistance for development spiritually or materially and I am working towards seeing an ecclesia established in this area.

Coming to world events, it is time for Damascus to be in ruins. No letter of the Word will go unfulfilled. I do wonder how some leaders need to be instructed or fed with explanations as to how the Assad regime has been repressive to its citizens! I pray that God's will be done to avert the situation in Syria and am very sorry for the Islamic nations in their inhuman reasoning.

~ Bro. Lawrence K'Owiti


In July the members of Nyanza North area witnessed the baptisms of four new brothers by Bro. James Mijwanda, namely, Bro. DANCAN, Sis. VIANCA ODUMA, Sis. LUCY ANYANGO all from Kisumu ecclesia and one sister from Bondo ecclesia. May our Almighty God drive them safely towards His Kingdom which I believe is not so far away.

~ Bro. Richard Oduma


I send loving greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will soon re-appear on earth according to the Signs of the Times. Firstly, I would like to thank you very much for sending me the Bible Basics and the NEV Bibles. We do need four more Bibles as the work of God is spreading rapidly and soon you will receive some photos from us. Many people here have been interested by the Commentary in the NEV Bibles which have changed many who had believed differently in the past, especially concerning the parable of the rich man and Lazarus and others. Also the CD gives a very clear and true picture about the real devil. I gave a Bible to one of our secondary school teachers and he has turned and believed our true doctrines. He is now in our class learning and we pray that several baptisms will soon take place here.

May God, our Father give you all health and strength till the coming of Our Lord, for whom we are waiting and we pray it may be soon.

~ Bro. Martin Chemiati


I am happy to say that right now we have started receiving the rains and that is a great blessing from the Almighty. We experienced a very dry period and then the rain finally came and many people are now busy on their farms expecting harvest from their labour.

The Bible and Bible Basics copies you sent us are going to be put to good use. The parcel stayed for a while at the Post Office while I was looking for some money to pay the Post Office charges. I am looking forward to getting materials for teaching the Sunday youth children or to get some training on Sunday youth training and teaching lessons. We have several youths who we expect to grow up mastering the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and to be baptized later on, God willing.

I pray for the Kingdom to come to redeem the world from this turmoil we are experi- encing right now.

~ Bro. Raphael Joni Aimo


The Christadelphian expository books that you send to me with other courses of the Bible which I have been receiving are very rewarding. When the CBM opened the Church in our region six years ago we used to lack knowledge of many things, but now we are growing both in number and in spirit. CAT has been of great importance in our growth especially with the Bible literature that you have been providing us with. These lessons always draw us near to God and by so doing we share what we have learnt with friends and relations. So far I have gained a lot of friends though they are not ready to join our ecclesia because of their present faith. They appreciate the Word and they always learn from the lessons you send. If possible please send to me a book "Preaching the Truth". It will be of great importance to me and the ecclesia as a whole.

~ Bro. Masongo Haron


I would like to encourage my colleagues who will go through this to keep on praying and trusting in Our Lord and Saviour.

The simplest way of praying is through:-

A - Adoration
C - Confession
T - Thanksgiving
S - Sublimation

I would also like to encourage each one of us to push prayer for each other.

P - Pray
U - Until
S - Something
H - Happens.

~ Bro. Kevin Simiyu


Am very much thankful for the huge parcel of Bibles, Books and even the leaflets you sent to me. They arrived safely and I collected them from the post office.

My wife, my family and my Ecclesia all pass their regards to your family, your Ecclesia and the entire UK Brothers and Sisters. I remain hoping to hear more from you.

~ Bro. James Mijuanda


We at Orube Ecclesia are doing fine. God has blessed us with a new building which we moved into in September.

~ Bro. Benjamin Mwatu


Thank you very much for putting us in touch through Gospel News and other Christian literature. It is really encouraging to realize that we are not alone in our tumultuous walk to the Kingdom which has many obstacles and one finds it extremely difficult in isolation. May our Father who is in heaven, help us.

~ Bro. Joseph Onyango


Greetings from Muramba group. We are a group that started studies in 2006. Since then we have been meeting regularly and consist of three brothers, three sisters and friends. We have a Sunday School of 12 children who are under the guidance of Sister Grace Phillip. We have a shortage of Bibles, Sunday School materials and teaching materials for strengthening and building up our faith in Christ.

~ Sis. Grace Phillip

Some of the brothers, sisters, friends and children. From left to right: - Sis. Grace Phillip, Sis. Erita Nyagasi, friend Caro Onyango, friend Erita Nyasima, Sis. Anne Nanyama, friend Bill Kisanji, Bro. Benjamin Khtaba. In front are some of the Sunday School children.

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The parcel has come at the right time as economically things are not well in Malawi and has really eased my life. When I think deeply of what you have been doing for me I consider you are my God-given friend. I am sure, Bro. Marcus, you still remember the way you met me at my grass thatched house and the care and love you showed me, together with Bro. David Bonner. That day is so special in my life. I was sightless and you opened my eyes. Now that I am able to see things the way they are spiritually I can exclaim, "I see!". Why? because of your efforts. May the good God continue to bless all CAT's efforts so that in turn we all experience eternal life in the Kingdom together.

~ Bro. Sylvester Tembo


I was very glad when I received the DVD entitled "The Real Devil" and the Bible Study. I enjoyed them both. As you know, Malawi is a poor country and we depend on farming to get our daily living. This year the rainfalls are over so we have a big problem of hunger. I have a big task to support my child so that she grows well and I need your help if possible.

~ Bro. Thom Bicycle


I would like to inform you that the DVD you sent is a very helpful one and enjoyable. I enjoy reading the Bible every day and also the Gospel News magazine, so please continue to send them to me. Please help me with materials to use when studying the Bible in our Study Group, such as Bibles, literature and note books.

~ Bro. Edson Makwecha

A Bible Study Group receiving some books to use from well-wishers

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Many thanks for the books Bible Basics which I just received and also for the French Bibles which Brother Jean Claude received. May the Lord keep you and bless you for your preaching works.

~ Bro. Herold LaFrance

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It's been long since I communicated with you though my eyes always cherish every new issue of the Gospel News. Hope you and your ministry, which I must say I love so much, is doing fine.

Please consider the following appeal for publication in Gospel News Magazine : "There is a time to stand up. Now is the time, in Africa, we are rich yet poor. We have a problem, The benevolent missionaries have fed us for over 40 years yet we are still learning to crawl. Over 40 years? Yes, but we must refuse to play the fool. We must learn, like others, to endure and prayerfully solve some of our problems. Next time you receive a brother from afar, do everything possible to tap from his loaded spiritual wealth and flown from a distant land. Merry your heart with as much of this spiritual treasure as you can get, but please, please, learn to spare their gold, by this we shall learn to walk and not fall, run and not faint".

~ Bro. Peter Ojike


I thank God, our Almighty Father in Heaven, for strengthening me and the world-wide ecclesias in the Truth. Thank you, too, for the books and CDs you sent me, about which I am very excited.

Please remember us, the Christadelphians in Northern Nigeria, in your prayers, as Christ said to Peter, "But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not; and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren" (Luke

22:32). As some of us live in the most difficult areas, where there are terrorists (Boko Haram) and crises over religion, we need your prayers.

We know from Scripture that all the happenings around us now are heralding the return of our Master: "And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars; see that ye be not troubled, for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines and pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places." (Matt.24:6-7). Almost all of these are current happenings.

As the world today is in such a dreadful state, and all is in fulfilment of Scripture, all we need to do is to be strong in the faith, and patiently wait for our Master. We are to strive to proclaim the

Bro. Rukpa Isaac gospel of God's kingdom here on earth to the inhabitants of this planet. May God open our eyes and minds to see and understand more of His revealed ways to follow and serve him in love and truth.

~ Bro. Rukpu Isaac

COMMENT: The frequent, dreadfully gruesome attacks and killing of Christians by the terrorists in Northern Nigeria brings tears to one's eyes, especially when one has travelled to some of these areas and witnessed the strong determinate faith of our Brethren and Sisters there. It's a fearful place these days for Christadelphians and we must earnestly pray for their protection and that somehow the Lord will strengthen and deliver them. MH


Here is the picture I promised you which we took at Lagos CYC. By God's grace ten people were baptised: The theme of the gathering, `The Wind of Youthfulness'; Leader of the Youth Circle, Emenike Ekeoma. We thank the organisers for a job well done, and the hosts, Lagos Ecclesia. May Nigerian Christadelphians please try hard to keep on preaching ­ if we knew that our Lord Jesus Christ's return was tomorrow there would be more preaching.

~ Bro. Goddy Nwosu

Lagos CYC Gathering


Thank you always for all your fatherly care and support of my spiritual welfare. I am most grateful for all you have done for my growth and steadfastness in the Truth. Daily reading of the Scriptures is a habit that I try not to lose. I will keep reading and digging for hidden treasures in God's inexhaustible mine of pearls of great price. If my application for medical internship in Lagos works out successfully, I hope I will be closer to the ecclesia and be able to contribute my medical education to support our brothers and sisters there.

~ Bro. Timothy Temilola


Our ecclesia is moving on in Mbaise, both for public and private preaching; Bible study, and Memorial services are all progressing well.

I would like you to send some more copies of Old and New Testament Bibles to give to others; I have received two out of eight. In number we are now increasing, with those baptized and expecting to be. Last week the Aba brethren baptized some students, whom I sent to see them. I heard from them through those interviewed who live in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, that they are to worship in Rivers State, not at home, except if they return home on weekends or public holidays, when they will join us.

We are living in the last days, waiting for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to this earth, for which we are praying. We pray for you also and thank God for your recovery from the sickness that worried you. May the Lord be with you: remember us in your prayers.

~ Bro. Blessing Nwigwe

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Bro. Paul & Sis. Leonie Verster accompanied by Bre. Ollie Mahopo and Emmanuel Mphambo made a trip to Bloemfontein to baptize two more students from Kroonstad: this time Bre. SAMSON MATSEPE & JAPIE MKAKANE. After Bro. Emmanuel had delivered a spirited seminar on `One Bible Many Churches - Why?' The interviews were conducted late into the Saturday night by the Bloemfontein brothers. On Sunday we greatly rejoiced in witnessing the two baptisms and added to that joy, were two more requests from Bloemfontein students to be baptized. God willing, these will be done later.

The two newly baptized brethren with Bro. Phakiso Mophethe, also from Kroonstad, visited the Soweto ecclesia to meet the brethren and sisters and experience how a meeting is run.


Our dear Bro. James Sithole, (75) was brutally mugged last week at dusk when he and his niece were returning home after walking his cousin to catch a taxi at the Protea Gardens. He was attacked and struck on the head with a blunt metal bar and was left without his cell phone, and all his money was taken. He was rushed to a clinic where his two awful gashes on the head were stitched up; of course he is all bruised. His niece thankfully was only bruised. His head is full of stitches which testify to the fact that he could easily have been killed. Despite his ordeal he supported the literature stand on Friday... Bro. James is a great example of steadfast endurance. His attendance to the memorial is unaltered.

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Thank you for the CD you sent recently. Our Heavenly Father enabled me to make visits to Dodoma five times on different dates. With His blessing I succeeded with the work which I started. Now there are interested people intending to understand the Word of God. I am very thankful for all you sent me for my project of spreading the Word of God, you and others in the UK and for your helping hand.

~ Bro. Ayubu Sazi Kilumbi

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May our Lord Jesus Christ expand your wisdom and knowledge and give you good health in spreading the good news to the needy in all parts of the world. The work of CAT has continued to help us. We need more literature for distribution. Such support can help people to be healed spiritually. Many people have come to know The Truth and we are now receiving many converts every Sunday during our fellowship meeting, Pentecostal, Catholic, Muslim and Protestant. My prayer is that God should provide us with Preaching Funds as the Bible says we need to do the work of God while it is still day.

~ Bro. Paskweli Odur

I am very happy for the work you perform to this nation so that people come to understand the good news of the kingdom of God. Thanks for the Bible literature which you sent, it is helping me in preaching the word of God. I request for more if possible. Hoping to see you in the kingdom of God soon.

~ Bro. Peter Wabwire

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Thank you very much for the Gospel News, which is quite interesting. God willing, I will write an article and send you, for the magazine. I would like you to send me the book "Wrested Scriptures". Here in Chingola we have no problems with our postal box as it has been registered in my name as a personal one. Bro. John Bwalya would like to receive the Gospel News.

~ Bro. Pinoty Chimbele


You are right, Brother, in several countries postal authorities have tightened up the rules regarding the use of postal boxes: I'm praying this will not happen here in our country. Could you please send me discs on Scriptural subjects, as I have a friend who is a believer whose disc player I am able to use. Please also continue to send me Gospel News, since I have not lost one since you started sending them to me.

The coming of Jesus Christ is very near, that's why things are changing every now and then, but many people don't know about our hope. About Bibles, please send me as many as you can spare: here we are so many and requests are being made for them.

Things here are not going well because of unemployment, so we have to work extra hard in order to survive. May God keep you.

~ Bro. Greenwell Kunda


There is a lovely example in Scripture of the servants of Solomon. I wonder whether they kept the words of the Queen of Sheba at the forefront of their minds, we read "Happy are thy men, happy are these thy servants which stand continually before thee, and that hear thy wisdom" (1Kings 10:8). The servants of Solomon lived happy and blessed lives because they stood before their king and listened to his wisdom.

From left: Bro. Costa and Okrey Kanembe, and a friend, Daniel Konayuma

~ Bro. Costa Kanembe


I am fine and thankful to be so. I have just received a CD and Gospel News from you, and appreciate you sending me these.

In Serenje, Kanona, there is a prison, where I visit the prisoners. I teach lessons to them every Monday and Saturday. I would like 25 full Bibles for them and also any more books by Duncan. I wish to make a community public library. I have also two outreach points: one of about 10 local students and another of 15.

~ Bro. Chrian Mambwe

(Pictured above)


We have been promised that we will be given strength for all eventualities (1 Cor.10:13).

Temptation and its Conquest. Overcoming temptation involves appreciating that danger exists, recognising the cause and taking appropriate action. Sometimes that action involves avoidance, sometimes confrontation. (Prov. 4:14-15; Matt.5:29-30; Mk.8:33; James 4:7-8.) We must not place ourselves in a situation where temptation will arise. We must remove ourselves from circumstances where temptation, or danger, has arisen. (Psa.1:1; Luke 4:30). We should seek the company of those who are wise and strong, and who will influence us for good. (Prov.9:6: 13:20; 22:17-18).

We must deny our wayward emotions and fleshly desires (Rom.13:14; Eph.4:22). We must be quick and decisive when we are confronted with temptation, and positive in our reaction against it. (Prov.1:10,15; Matt.16:23; Heb.12:1.) We must be awake to, and aware of the insidious nature of temptation, (Matt.26:41; Luke 12:15; 1 Cor.10:12; 1Peter 5:8-9).

We are inadequate on our own to conquer every temptation, and we must seek God's help in prayer and through His word. We have a pattern of perfection in Jesus ­ we need to emulate and adopt that model. (Matt.6:13; 26:41, Heb.12:1-2; 2 Peter 2:9).

~ Bro. Maxwell Choongo


Thank you for the latest copy of Gospel News, it is always lovely to hear and learn how others are doing in the mission areas they serve. We have had the visit of Bro. Andrew and Sis. Josie Walker in Mazabuka, and we have a newly baptised Brother Creighton who has no Bible, he has requested the NEV which has a commentary and abbreviated Bible Basics. Also I have a

Pastor who lives in Nega Nega and he is very interested as well and I would like to ask for three Bibles and three Bible Basics. In the Old Testament we read of Moses, who turned aside to see the bush that was not consumed by burning. In our daily lives God calls us in some way so that we turn aside to hear what He has to say to us through the Scriptures. Moses was 80 years old when God spoke to him but he was not too old for God to use. He was a shepherd, just an ordinary job, but God uses ordinary people like you and me, to minister to others the words of life.

Moses had a rod in his hand to help with his work as a shepherd; nothing special, just dead wood, but God took that and made it work with His power. That rod became powerful ­ it parted the Red Sea, brought water out of the rock, etc. God can take whatever talent we have and make it work in His service. God told Moses to put his hand into his coat and it came out leprous ­ a sign of sin. God told him to put it back into his coat, and when he obeyed it came out clean again. God is the only one who can cleanse us from sin. God had heard his people cry out to Him for deliverance, and Moses was the `ordinary' person God chose to bring that about. This recorded incident in Moses' life has been a real blessing to me, so that is why I am sharing it with you. We are nothing, but God is able to do more with our lives, than we can think or imagine, if they are dedicated to His service.

~ Bro. Gideon Hankomone

Some people are slaves to sin, doing evil is what they treasure. Without that they don't feel themselves, which does not help (Rom.6:21). Before repentance, people live under the rule of sin (bondage): they live a life that bears poisonous fruits ­ the fruit of death (Rom.7:5).

Paul tells and warns us that one who is enslaved by sin lives only to die, yet the slave of righteousness will live for ever. So He, God, wants us to be instruments of righteousness (Rom.6:13). It's up to an individual to choose life, having known that `the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus' (Rom 6:23).

Now what benefit does a slave have? We know that those giving themselves to sin are slaves to that, and the price is death. But there is great reward in being slaves of righteousness. People become enslaved to sin when they deliberately commit it. Jesus told the Jews that whoever committed sin was a slave of it (John 8:34). Paul in the letter he wrote to Titus said, `they are led astray by various passions of pleasure' (Tit.3:3). There are many ways by which men become enslaved: we become slaves of whatever overcomes us (2 Pet 2:19).

Why not give yourselves to God and become slave of righteousness? For sin leads only to death, yet righteousness to eternal life in Christ Jesus. Do not obey sin, rather obey God, who will set you free (Rom 6:16-20).

~ Bro. Chrivious Joseph


I have received the parcel you sent me ­ thank you for your help. May God our Father in heaven extend His hand upon you richly, that His work does not suffer due to financial problems. Yes, the financial situation is hindering in extending God's work in remotest areas. Covering a distance of 10 to 15 kilometers on foot becomes difficult to us who are living in isolation in rural areas.

~ Bro. Cephas Kalungah

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Thank you for the booklets and leaflets I received from you. I will have to share them with my two young brothers. We are truly interested in reading the Gospel News, which Dad received from you. Yes, Dad has many books which you have sent him on the Truth, which we used to borrow from him for our studies. Thank you for the booklet entitled `Revision Studies' which we found to be most helpful for some questions which are asked regularly.

Father is not feeling well and is in hospital now and then, which is a great disadvantage. We love our Instructor ­ a courageous man who preaches the Truth boldly to the people in our vicinity. We yearn for the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to restore order to this troubled world.

~ Collen Banda Yelulani


In this country of ours we are all in good health, only facing the ups and downs of this present world of turmoil. At present I think I am just one of those who have enjoyed and welcomed the DVD and CD that were posted to me. I have managed to buy another DVD machine. The postage is rising on a daily basis, so this is a good economical way of providing us with spiritual material.

Truly the world is in a time of trouble, as we see what is happening world-wide ­ earthquakes, floods, uprisings, epidemics, famines, weather or climate changes, just to mention a few.

In our own country many people are out of work, as many companies have closed, while others are working short hours. My own company is still under judicial management, but no machine has run since 2009: we are praying that there may be an investor, if the Lord wills.

~ Bro. Ambrose Tanyepana


I'm delighted to announce my job transfer from Rateishoek Estate to New Year's Gift Estate, just near Chipinge town. My new address is New Year's Gift Estate, Bag 2024, Chipinge, Zimbabwe.

With a warm heart of thankfulness I send my thanks to you for your kindness to me both spiritual and physical, and I thank God for joining me with the new people in a new environment. At first we were busy getting settled into our new home, and adjusting ourselves to our fresh surroundings.

We have been received by the people here since they are now learning that the Bible is not merely a text book from which people can obtain texts for sermons, but that it is a book that can enter into the lives and mould the characters of men in the humblest walks of life. So far I have got a very good number of people around us with a knowledge of the Truth. God willing I will continue labouring in the Master's vineyard till the final day and hour.

Truly the Truth is, whether young or old, we are all going where we have never been before. Every day we face new decisions, new demands and new dangers. How are we to find our way safely through these? There are maps for every part of the world; but the Bible is a map for the greatest journey of all, to eternal life itself. Yes, in seeking a map for Life we should open the Bible, because of the claims it makes. All over the world today thousands of people are reading the Word of God to find the answers to where they came from, why they are here on earth, and where they are going after this life is over. There is a good time coming on the earth in the not-too-distant future, and this is the time spoken of in the 113th Psalm, where we read, `He (God) raiseth up the poor out of the dust and lifteth the needy out of the ash-heap, that he may set him with princes, even the princes of His people.'

At that great time men will no longer spend their lives in the headlong rush after money and pleasure, or in the mere struggle for existence, but will take time to think of the Creator, and their sweetest pleasure will be found in His worship and service. War will be abolished, for we are told in Isa.2:4 that `Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.' Keep on praying, for the time is near.

~ Bro. Simion Madhimba

Bro. Madhimba, in brown jacket, and a workmate


The word of the Lord came to Ezekiel, saying, `Son of man, speak to your countrymen and say to them, "When I bring the sword against a land, and the people of the land choose one of their men and make him their watchman, and he sees the sword coming against the land and blows the trumpet to warn the people: then if anyone hears the trumpet but does not take warning, and the sword comes and takes his life, his blood will be on his own head. If he had taken warning, he would have saved himself" (Ezek.33:1-4).

Ezekiel was made a watchman by God for the house of Israel. Ezekiel was made to warn the wicked to turn from his ways, and if he does not do so, he will die for his sin. Ezekiel 33:11: "Says the Sovereign Lord, `I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. The righteous when he sins, will not be allowed to live because of his former righteousness, he will die for his sins.' Christ kept his righteousness for his whole lifetime, and was saved from death for that by God.

~ Bro. Ngoni Chikwata


It is a long time since I wrote to you, due to life's pains and pangs. With God nothing is hard. I love the way I live, however I fight hard to live. This is a lesson to me that God loves the poor and the rich: He put us on different levels. Many people in this world are fighting to get rich. Today in many countries people are attending churches which appear to give riches. For example, here in Zimbabwe people are flocking to a church which claims to have wonders and gifts that are not from God, of which we must beware.

My brothers, I know that the Word of God gives health and riches. The Word can also heal us from harsh conditions. With the Word we can walk in the light. We may plan our future life and try to cover our life from mishap, but we may fail. The only thing we must do is to put our trust in God like Jacob and so many others in the past have done, remembering that our Saviour Jesus is our Redeemer and Guide.

~ Bro. Dzingai Sumburera


I just wish to say that God, who created me, has helped me greatly. I say that because this year I was dangerously sick, with severe vomiting lasting two and a half months. I could eat nothing, and could not even keep water down. I prayed to God to save me from that sickness, and wish to thank Bro. Robinson, Bulawayo CBM Treasurer, who helped me to buy medicine to cure the illness.

So with God's blessing I am now walking again and doing my home jobs. Brothers and Sisters, pray to God for help, because He is the only one who can. Let's bless our God in heaven.

~ Bro. Joseph Ndoromazasi


Thank you for the Bibles you sent to us. They are very useful indeed. Could you please send us another six? Last week we welcomed back into fellowship Bro. Munhamo Mukova and Sis. Cluedza Mukova. We pray that our Lord may be with them as they travel on their journey into the Kingdom of God. We also pray for the return of our Lord.

~ Bro. Admire Museba


Thank you for the Discs you sent to me ­ all of them are wonderful and Bro. Thomas and I were very excited by the questions which were asked of the people in the streets, and their answers. Some of the answers showed me that some who call themselves pastors are causing people to go astray. So more work must be done in the field of God, so that the people will know the true gospel.

~ Sis. Esther Chigiji

Thank you for the DVD containing various books. I am today reading "The Nature of the Angels". My family and our Sunday School, join me in sending you greetings in the Lord Jesus. I will finish the 14 chapters on Angels. It would be hard to send the books in printed form, but the DVD, light as it is and very small, has many items on it. Please, God Willing, produce more DVDs as they take up less space.

~ Bro. Sylvester Kamuriwo


Thank you very much for the New European Version Bibles you sent me: they are wonderful and food for life to those who are seeking Him. The Bibles are especially useful with a commentary good for Bible studies. I would like more, if it would be possible, as people who are seeking the Truth in God are visiting me many times. The Lord is working hard extending the good news of salvation to the nations.

I do have some prayer problems: sometimes I use the same prayers when preaching to other people, though on different occasions, which worries me. Some time I hope the Lord will help me with some other prayers.

~ Bro. Maxwell Mlakah


I mostly leave my pamphlets in the Post Office for people to take and read, in the Post Master's knowledge. What is needed is `walk together,' and thus defeat sin. The day I opened the box they asked me our number, which I gave, and the names of who were responsible for keys, and their rights to collect mail sometimes without keys. This has run fairly well to the present day. Rentals are paid once a year, US$24. To tell the truth, the system is very good, otherwise some who want personal boxes would need to pay for it in person.

Some people want the NEV Bibles, but they do not want to change their churches. Many people are spoiled with politics. They are keen on NEV Bibles because of their good commentaries, which can be read easily and help with understanding the Bible. I gave two NEV Bibles to two people of two Reformed Churches in Zimbabwe. Many are coming begging for these Bibles.

~ Bro. Svuure Faustino

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