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Brothers John, Daniel and Guy travelled to China in January to help with a Bible teaching weekend with Bro Donald. There were no baptisms this time, but the precious faith of a few were strengthened. Pictured is Daniel providing a musical interlude on an Irish Tin Whistle. He also played saxophone to break up the power point lectures given on a range of Bible doctrines including: evidence for God and the Kingdom of God.

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Thank you for your texts which open our eyes. In accordance with your letter Br. MA Joy Kutty from Thiruvalla ecclesia came to our home, conducted several full day (3 to 6 hours) classes in a month and taught us. We four, my wife and two children study the word of God together, unlearning our past religious knowledge and were baptized accordingly, and now we must be valiant for the truth.

We began a new life and ecclesia 45km away from

Thiruvalla. Our special Thanks to Br. Tim from Hyderabad, and Br. Dr Varghese Kurien of Kollam.

Bro Clery Varghese and Family

Thiruvalla Town

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