News from Europe / Eurasia

news from albania 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of ARIANA, VIOLA & DENIZA during a recent visit by brother Ben and  sisters Liz and Abi. May the Lord guide them to his Kingdom.

news from belarus 

We are delighted to report the baptism of ANDREJ; may the Lord bless his path to the Kingdom A Bible School for children, including orphans of Chernobyl, was held over Christmas. We really appreciate the support that made this possible, and the gifts of clothes and gloves for the children.

I have no great wish to be in contact with prisoners, but I think may be this is the way God is leading me to serve Him. I was tutoring one man in prison on the correspondence course, and he introduced others, and now I find many writing to me. So this is perhaps how God is wanting to use me.
Bro. Leonid

Our children are growing up now. We do truly pray for wisdom, so that they will grow up to know the Truth. I ask God too to grant me patience, to set the right pattern.
Bro. Sasha

I was really encouraged to get a package with vitamins etc, thank you so much. I have to bring up my grandchildren and it is so hard to do this here, all we have is our land and animals and we are far from any city. But in all things, let us give glory to God!
Sis. Nina

Reading about the building of the temple, I thought, that we Christadelphians are like a temple, each of us are the different stones, we must never allow any division, or else we will all fall. The road here is still impassable for me to get easily to the nearest station, so I have not been able to get to the meetings in Minsk all Winter.
Bro. Vladimir

We really wish all blessings for every Bible School wherever it is, we think these gatherings are so important. We are with you all.
Bro. Gennady & Sis. Margarita

news from belgium 

We’re delighted to report the baptism of MARCUS in Leuven, after a long journey to the Lord. We look forward to fellowship with Him and are grateful to Bro. Graham Mitchell of the Walton ecclesia for coming over to assist Duncan and Cindy and David in the interview and baptism.


Photo: Bro. Marcus on left, then Duncan, Cindy, Graham, David and Ben


news from bosnia 

We know man commits sin because he isn't faithful to God. And we all are created in the image of God. So He did a lot for us, so why can't we do as much as we can for Him? In our mission here in this country what ever we do we do for HIM! Because of our sinful nature we are not doing as much as we could do! I am ashamed of myself and other people because we are not trying enough! God help us if we stay like this! This life is worthless, we must prepare for the Kingdom life. God is the only truth and we will go after it.

Several days ago I asked my friend, Ivica,  if he believed in absolute truth. "Yes", he said. "But I believe we spend our entire day trying to get away from it." I was proud of his answer. It reminds me of Jesus' words in John: "Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God." (John 3:19-21).
Bro. Dzenan

news from bulgaria 

We are sorry to report the falling asleep in the Lord of our brother Ivan Sharkov, and we look forward to the great day of resurrection even more. BAPTISED Nov 1995.

news from croatia 

I was thinking a thought, which I liked. That God is the ‘I am’; He is a God who is concerned with us today, and is not just about things in the past or the future Kingdom. Things are very hard for me, with my health. So this is comfort for me, as I live one day at a time.
Sis. Anita


news from czech republic 

I have been thinking, how we are made of dust, how weak our lives are. I long only for our final meeting and being with our true Father, God, in His Kingdom, when we shall be changed.
Bro. Edik

I am very thankful for the spiritual care that you show to us. We are facing some problems here but we are OK.
Bro. Oleg

news from georgia 

I pray honestly and openly before the Lord for each of you my dear brothers. I pray He will provide for us each in the hard moments we each face in these last days. I pray that He will give us soft hearts, as all around us, I believe in every country, is the spirit of hardness and selfishness.
Bro. Guram

news from germany 

As you know I have been living here for a while having come from Kazakhstan. But things have not been easy especially with regard to accommodation, this question has been so hard for us having two young children. I thank God that He did great and wonderful things for us in our lives in this respect, as great, for me, as the great things He did in the past which we read about in the Bible.
Sis. Elena

news from israel 

The Lord God has sent me a great blessing, in the form of a new grandchild. After so much sadness in life, I realize He does not test us more than we can endure, and He has brightened up my life, and for this I thank Him.
Sis. Anna

We are missing Duncan and Cindy so much here in Israel and are finding all means possible to get them over here, to give us more life and energy in our ecclesia here. We are praying for you all.
Sis. Natasha

I am moving soon to Bat Yam, but Sis Natasha continues to gather us together and unites us for the breaking of bread. The most important thing for us is to serve the Lord.
Bro. Vladimir

news from italy 

I have been trying to talk to some people here, also Arabs, about the things of Christadelphians, and I am showing them Bible Basics on internet and we are printing out the articles. I am trying to persuade them to baptism.
Bro. H

news from kazakhstan 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of OLEG and IRINA. May the Lord guide them to His Kingdom.

I have been lying in the hospital for a month and my father is also sick. So things are so hard for us financially especially with clothes for the winter for the family. We love you all. I am praying for you, and wish especial greetings to brothers Rinat and Valdas.
Sis. Lena

We warmly welcome you here! We warmly remember all our past visitors and we love you and would love to see you.
Bro. Yuri 

I wish all of us to enter more deeply into the world of Biblical things, and I so hope the Bible School in Russia will help all to do this, and I am happy for you all, although the need to work means I can’t come.
Sis. Tanya

There are so many here in our ecclesia who would love to come to the Bible School in Russia! But we are so many, and more than what there are sponsors for perhaps. We love you all and want to be with you!
Sis. Svetlana

I was just so very happy to know there would be a Bible School again in the Winter, and that I can come, and bring my husband there to be baptized I hope.
Sis. Galina

We are so terribly missing you all, and we so want to be able to get to a Bible School. Without seeing you all, it is like life is not going properly for us. We love you so much and we miss the energy that we take away from such meetings each time.
Sis. Tanya and others

news from kyrgyzstan 

It is very cold here, and still I cannot find work because of lack of documents. I appreciate all efforts of all brothers for us all.
Bro. Jacob

news from latvia 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of ARTUR and ANDREJS ; may the Lord keep them in their walk to His Kingdom. On the other hand, we deeply sorrow over the falling asleep of our beloved brother Sasha Gubin of Tukums. We earnestly look forward to the day of resurrection.

I do not go out very much these days, I sit here and wait for my son to return from work, and I read the exhortations from the Isolation League. I am sorry for all problems, I am with you.
Sis. Irena

I so much appreciate the cassette tapes sent me of the Bible School, I have been playing them. We have many problems here but in all, God provides.
Bro. Nikolaj

I was very pleased to hear about the new Christadelphian Committee for Central Europe, and I am completely supportive of this new committee. May God bless all our work for Him.
Bro. Slava

I continue living here very poor. But I am with you. I read about the Christadelphian Committee for Central Europe and the changes with the CBM and I support the new system and pray for it and for blessing upon Brother Marcus and all his good work.
Bro. Petr

I am praying that this year, Jesus will return.
Sis. Vija

I think it is really quite amazing that brothers are traveling so widely in dangerous places to spread the Truth. I thank God for you and know there is a sister here in this town praying for you.
Sis. Valeryana

The recent Bible school in Jurmala will be for me unforgettable. I returned home with such spiritual energy and the feeling that I had really grown so far just that weekend, through the understanding of the word of God which we received. Our health here is poor, and we don’t have even money to make the journey of 100 km. total to the local hospital.
Bro. Petris

I was taken into hospital for 5 days because of my heart, it is very difficult for me to breathe sometimes. They only prescribe me tablets, which I can’t afford to buy. I pray for you. I remember that Abraham was promised the land but he never received it and he died in faith waiting for it, and he will receive it. This it seems is my position.
Bro. Viktor

I am very carefully reading the Bible and all literature I have been given. I remember with much joy the time when I came to the ecclesia in Riga. I am with you all.
Sis. Sarmite

Your letters are of great importance to me. It is very kind of you to deliver clothes to the needy families in Bosnia. May God bless you more and more. It means you are showing the agape love of God.
Sis. Olga

I am now understanding that the key to spiritual life is our habits, at work, in the family, while traveling, wherever we are. I am looking for the return of Jesus soon, and I think that the repentance of the Jewish people will be the great sign. I think that there is unease in the heart of every Jew, about the question of Jesus.
Bro. Vladimir

My life at the moment is so full of problems- with health, work and everything. Please pray for me.
Sis. Vaira

I pray for you and love you. All my bones are aching and I feel like life is leaving me, reminding me of how a fish looks when it is caught and then slowly dying. I can still read, I love reading the Bible, especially seeing how God worked with Israel.
Bro. Fyodyor

news from lithuania 

Justas and I are hoping to come to Latvia for the next Bible camp. We were so interested to hear, that a Sisters weekend has been arranged, this is great, the first time there was such thing for sisters.
Bro. Albinas

news from macedonia 

Fortunately I still maintain my blood-sugar level, and I hope that I will be able to keep it in the level I am in. I am working on the translation of Bible Basics and hope it will soon be done. With love and thanks to you all.
Bro. D

news from moldova 

We really pray for God’s special blessing on all the good deeds, to spread the Gospel to more people and help them.
Sisters Elvira and Irina

news from morocco 

I have been really unwell, the doctor prescribed so many drugs that are too expensive to buy. Give my love to all brothers.
Bro. Omar

news from norway 

Linda will be 3 years in February. Time is flying. She’s a very, very sweet girl, always satisfied and smiling a lot. I’m very thankful to God I have her. I continue reading the Bible and pray each day. I’m thinking about God a lot.
Sis. Helena


news from pakistan 

Greetings to all fellows! Our brother Farooq was married to sister Tehreem on 28 January. We all traveled to Toba Tek Singh for this. They were happily married.
Bro. K

We are going to arrange a seminar here for women, to help them with their children and babies. There is a doctor at the hospital here, she agreed to give some talks for us. We are using this to spread the word of God to all peoples.
Sis. Safina

news from poland 

We are delighted to report the baptism of KRZYSZTOF, after many years of studying Bible Basics. May the Lord guide him to the Kingdom.

The recent Bible School which there was really very encouraging. I think everyone who came was really helped and we all liked it.
Bro. Henryk

I am very happy that I now have brothers in the faith. I only live in hope, that you will come to Walbrzych again, and we can have another such wonderful meeting. I've been searching for anywhere that offers free Bibles in Bosnian to help the brothers there, but without success. From my heart, I wish you all of God's blessings.
Bro. Krzysztof

news from russia 

Carelink readers will recall the dramas related to our young brother Leonid and his military tribunal. He was finally given alternative service, and he has now been sent off to a military controlled factory in the Urals. He informed us that he is living in the hostel there, but they give him no money for food. The factory is shut until Jan. 10, and he will only receive money after a month. He has about $10 of his own to live on until then. He’s been told he will work very hard, the term of service is a tough 3.5 years, he will be a welder, must be prepared to work in dangerous conditions, and if he doesn’t work hard enough or well enough, he will be sent into the army. So much for ‘alternative service for conscientious objectors’. We have sent him some funds but he urgently asks for our prayers. He is a young 18, and very scared. He says he is reading his Bible a lot as he waits for work to start on Jan. 10.

news from russia 

We are keeping in touch with our young brother Leonid, who following his military service tribunal has been sent to work in a factory in Siberia. We’ve assured him of your prayers.

Here I am in a truly bad situation. I am ill with so many things. Aleksej earns only about $30 / month and this is only enough to buy gas for our heating, we have so little food, and I get weaker and weaker. If I could get a pension, this would help. But everything is so corrupt. I must go into a sanatorium for a period before the doctors will consider me as an invalid, but for that I must pay, and we have only debts, and no money. All this doesn’t mean I have lost faith. Existence is so hard, but I do truly believe and hope for the Kingdom.
Sis. Galina

I continue placing advertisement stickers for Bible Basics everywhere around this town. It is my great dream to build here a strong ecclesia. I was so delighted when people in the town told me that they had had a letter from Cindy in Latvia, sending them the Bible Basics. I am so hoping some will respond here.
Bro. Oleg

I was so happy to get the invitation to the Bible School and I want to thank in advance those who pay towards our fares, otherwise I could simply not come, as the fare is all my pension.
Bro. Viktor

I am working long hours at my work, from 8 in the morning to 8 at night. I have time to read Bible each day, and on Sundays we make the breaking of bread. We are all OK here.
Bro. Vladimir

I wish to greet you all. I hold to my Bible very much, I am reading with you each day, and missing you.
Sis. Elena

We are hoping that most here and in neighbouring ecclesias will support the Bible school planned here, hopefully there will be a good number of brothers and sisters there. I am totally against all division.
Sis. Ludmila

I have always dreamed of having my own flat instead of just moving around renting all my life, but this it seems will not be, but I am very joyful in my Christadelphian faith, It is the most important thing to me in life.
Sis. Valentina

I think of you very much. I so enjoy reading Beyond Bible Basics , and although I can’t travel so much, I am totally with you all. I look forward to the time when all difficulties and struggles will end and we will be in the Kingdom of God.
Sis. Sofia

We are preaching to one young family here, they are our friends. They are listening to us with a big interest! We hope that God will turn those lives over to Him.
Bro. Alexei

I was so happy when I received the invitation to the Bible School; it is so very far for me, up here in the Komi Republic. But God willing I will come, although it will take me several days to travel each way. I so appreciate the support with the fares. Thank you to all.
Bro. Valerij

My son is really sick, and I lost a parcel of Bible books sent to me. Things are so hard here in this village. I am committed to study, study and study the word of God to the end. I think much of Cindy and I am hoping only for the Kingdom of God. I am happy always to distribute the literature to all people here.
Sis. Svetlana

I am celebrating my baptismal anniversary, and I wish to thank you for all your help and support.
Bro. Viktor

I continue planning my dream, which is to make a missionary journey around the towns of Tver, Smolensk and Pskov Oblasts. Please pray for me to realize this!
Bro. Sasha

We here are all eagerly awaiting the Winter Bible School. We are very grateful that our fares can be paid because of the generosity of others, otherwise, we would have no chance to come.
Sis. Raisa

I sincerely wish for all blessings upon the preaching I hear is happening. I am with you all although I can’t travel much these days.
Bro. Nikolaj

At my old age I have had to get a job, working with metal, it is the only way for me to get enough to buy food each week. I don’t forget you all, although I couldn’t come to the Bible School. I pray, I read, I am with you.
Bro. Pavel

We always eagerly await news of the new baptisms, new brothers and sisters for us.
Bro. Andrej

My health gets weaker and weaker. I remember the times I was able to come to the Bible Schools in the past, I am so glad I came, as now my heart is so weak I can do so very little and can’t get out of the village. I fondly remember you all and cherish the hope that we will all be together in the Kingdom.
Sis. Tamara

I so so wish to be at the Bible School. I so want to see you all, and our wonderful sister Ludmila Kuritsyna. She always inspires me, when she stands up to comment on the daily Bible readings. But I am old and sick, I usually in Winter never go far from my home, let alone all the way to Kazan. But I hope I shall come. You are my only family, you mean everything to me.
Bro. Boris

Vandals destroyed our mail boxes in the block, so letters have not been getting to me. I had some encouraging correspondence with Br Oleg from Efremov, we see things the same way. May God grant us the strength and determination we need to endure to the end.
Bro. Valerij

I am looking forwad to coming to the Bible School. I am preparing some talks.
Bro. Sasha

Here it is extremely cold. This Winter I am trying to build another room onto our house for the children. We have nothing else to do. Maybe we can place a bath there, for baptisms. I am in touch with brother Sergej and he has become very serious in his faith.
Bro. Ivan

I was so much encouraged by your last letter. I feel so old and ill, my right leg hardly works at all, I walk only with a stick now. It has been very cold here and I live in primitive conditions, my pension buys only basic food, and medical treatment is so expensive. I sincerely wish you all blessing and strong health to serve Him.
Sis. Galina

news from serbia 

Here the propaganda against all religion apart from the Orthodox continues. But I do not lose my desire to convert people here to the truth. I am even in touch with a man in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, trying to persuade him.
Bro. Vladislav

I struggle with my flesh, I took comfort from reading of Romans 7, it is so very exactly my situation. At the breaking of bread, I give thanks for the victory in Jesus.
Bro. William

news from turkey 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of SAEED and ROZHAN. May the Lord keep them in their path to His Kingdom.

news from ukraine 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of SOFIA, GALINA, VALYA and VALENTINA. May the Lord be with them as they journey to His Kingdom.

I am planning to come to the gathering, but I will only come if I can find the money to totally pay my own fare, this is important to me, that we make our sacrifice, when so much is done for us.
Sis. Ludmila

We here would truly love to come to the Winter Bible School. There is always so much spiritual food there and true love amongst the brothers and sisters. We are ashamed that we need help to get there because of our low salaries and high cost of tickets.
Sis. Nana

I am sending warmest greetings. I truly pray that Jesus will return this year.
Sis. Elena

We here very much wanted to come to the Bible School, the children especially. We are very poor as a family. The Bible Schools are such wonderful times for us, but we have some problems which make it hard to come.
Sis. Vera

I read with much joy and surprise the article Hearts that bleed. It was a surprise, because these were exactly the thoughts I had been having, and I felt a great unity with the brotherhood on reading that. My health remains poor and I need all help I can get just to survive alive.
Bro. Vladimir

We have now booked the venue for the Ukrainian sisters’ weekend which will be held here God willing. Already we have so very many who want to come and we are very excited about this.
Sis. Ludmila

news from uzbekistan 

We are delighted to report the baptisms of sisters E and T in this Moslem land. May the Lord guide them to His Kingdom.

My pension is in total $6 / month and so existence for me is so hard. I appreciate all your love for me. Please pray for me and do not forget me here.
Bro. Oleg 

Everything is OK with us here. My eyes are a little bit better, but I cannot watch any computer screen or TV screen for long. The doctor still didn’t come to give a more detailed opinion on my diabetes. We worry for all brothers in worse problems.
Sis. Lena

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