News from Africa

news from cameroon 

I got your message and I was very happy because I like reading from you over there because the message you people send to us this way is good. You see we in Cameroon are very interested in knowing the Bible and knowing it for the purpose as doers and not only hearers but we really need your help to always write to us - myself for example.  I was baptised a few months ago, so I really need somebody to really build me up, and thank Bro Doug from Australia who has been a great help.  
Bro Gilbert

With sadness and regret we announce the falling asleep of our dear Sis.Hannah Ntube on Sunday 11th.July 2004 as soon as we had breaking of bread with her. Our Sister was baptised some years ago and served the ecclesia whole heartily and faithfully to the Lord. It was a good opportunity for her to remember the Lord’s death by partaking of bread and wine before her death, though we miss her we know our Lord will also remember her at his return on the resurrection day.
Bro.Brain Ebong

I payed a visit in Tombel where my grand-mother lives, I got in touch with some people who I told about our doctrine  after a long conversation they accepted the truth and three are doing the 40 lesson courses.
Bro.Brain Ebong

news from congo 

We were pleased to receive 6 copies of French Bible Basics, two Swahili hymn books and a Bible in French. Brother, we thank you for your letter of 20 January 2003, received belatedly on 2 April 2004 via our brothers in Goma; may God bless you in what you do for us in Masisi. We have no building for our meetings. Mostly these take place in the shade of a large tree and passers-by occasionally make fun of us, we appeal for help to build a meeting place.

We are unable to travel from one place to another, which involves walking several hundred kilometres by road; we would be grateful for help to facilitate us getting about. We would be very happy to go to other African and European countries on preaching campaigns.

If possible we would like someone to send us “Une Vie de Jésus” (12 books) and “Gospel News” in French and Swahili, because the majority don’t know English, not forgetting that among those interested, are widows and people displaced by war.
Bro. Edmond Rajabu.


news from egypt 

How are you? Really I miss you and I hope that all of you are very well. I am so sorry for being unable to tell you my latest news which badly affected on our meeting in Cairo. As for the last three months I was in prison and I was commited by anti Islamist case which the court here judged on me.  The details are that I had encourged an Islamic friend to be Christian and be baptised. But unfortunately a third person told the police about that and they arrested me as I am encouraging Islamic persons to change their religion, and I was taken to jail as a penalty for this case. As a result I had no way to contact you or my family. Now they cancelled my job from the government and I am suffering from everything around me now. Please, trust me and do not leave me.


Comment: We surely should remember all this in prayer. We have again lost contact but are doing all we can to help.


news from ghana 

First and foremost, I am very glad to write to you this morning from Queen Ann's Point, Ekon,near Cape Coast, but I apologise for the long delay.  It will interest you to hear that the Cape Coast Ecclesia has now moved to Queen Ann's Point, Ekon.  We need your prayers about this; we are using the Oguaa Senior Secondary Technical School. I need two large print New King James’ Bibles for the work we are doing. We are O.K. here, getting on well with God's work, and God willing we hope to get some additional baptisms soon, but it all depends  on hard work, prayer, love, faith and hope. My thanks go to brothers and sisters world-wide who help to spread the gospel in areas where it has never been heard.
Bro. Lawerence Nkrumah


news from kenya 

Faith is not complete without works.   The faithful men mentioned in Hebrews 11 all believed God.  Abraham abandoned his native land to be a sojourner in an unknown country.  Abel offered in sacrifice the things God required.  Noah laboured and built the ‘saviour’ ark.  Their deeds made them ‘rich’ in God’s sight.   Nicodemus had to learn and believe about baptism.  We all have to have faith and action too.   Jesus cwas born as the only begotten Son of God, the sacrificial lamb to take away sin.  In Golgotha the Lord said, “It is finished”.  What was finished?  His whole life of sacrifice and then the sacrifice of himself when he was crucified and his blood poured out.  Faith and works go together.
Bro. Nelson Otieno

When I think of leadership, I always remember when the children of Israel asked for a king who would go before them and fight their battles, refusing God as their King.  But God did not leave them, although He let them have a king.  Likewise nowadays, not only in countries, but also in churches, there are still battles for leadership.  Leadership means nothing.  True believers know what they are after – everlasting life in God’s Kingdom;  they do not fight for leadership.  An elder in an ecclesia is only there to help guide the ecclesia.  We believe in one Christ and we all want to be in God’s Kingdom here on earth when the Lord Jesus returns.
Bro. David Kabaya

I thank you very much for the books.  I and my wife, Gladys, have enjoyed, and still enjoy, reading them and we are drawing topics to teach in our Malondo ecclesia in order to share the knowledge with the Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
Bro. John W. Muyala

We are enlightened that Gospel News is quite  independent and this has cleared doubts amongst us who, like other brethren, thought it might be replaced by the Bible Missionary.  May I inform you that some of the youth here are very willing to have the Bible Correspondence Courses from UK.
Bro. Patrick Sawa

I am sorry to announce the falling asleep of our beloved Brother in Christ Benedict Miruka, who was buried on May 29th. Very many Brethren and Sisters were able to attend the funeral and the burial.  From verse 1 of Romans ch. 6, our Brother Benedict rejected the continuance of living in sin where grace could not abound.  Verse 3 tells us that our Brother was baptised into Jesus’ death.  He was buried with Jesus by baptism into death through water.  That as Christ was raised up from death by the glory of the Father, even so having come out of the water he had also to walk in newness of life.  Bro. Benedict is resting in the grave awaiting the likeness of our Master’s resurrection on the day when he will descend from heaven with a shout and the trump of God and with His holy angels (1 Thess. 4).  Our Brother leaves his Sister widow and seven children;  we ask them to keep strong in the faith.  We hope to meet our Brother in God’s Kingdom which will soon be established on earth.
Bro. Clement Fwamba Mateba

It is a great pleasure to me to thank all concerned with my baptism at our Givungi Ecclesia, for it has strengthened me spiritually.  I have now realised the real meaning of baptism (Rom. 6:3,4;  1 Peter 3:21).  Since we claim to be followers of Jesus Christ, he was himself baptised, Paul was baptised and the converts to the early church were baptised.  We have repented and God has granted us forgiveness (Acts 2:38). And thus we are united with Jesus Christ and will not be enslaved by sin.  We will reign with Jesus when he will come the same way in which he went to heaven (Acts 1:11) and will set up a Kingdom that will stand for ever (Dan. 2:44).  Thanks a lot for sending me Bible Basics which is really assisting me in improving my Bible study. I do appreciate receiving Gospel News.  Actually, I have come to realise the truth and the whole truth through reading Gospel News.  I’ve come to believe that Jesus Christ is going to come (Luke 24:29-31).  As I meet with my fellow Brethren and Sisters and we devote ourselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayers (Acts 3:42) we pray when Jesus Christ comes he will find us ready.
Bro. Joseph Luseno

All in all I am fine and still struggling in this mortality, but fully assured that it is going to be very soon and this mortality will put on immortality, when Christ our Lord and King reappears with all his majesty – Amen.  May you soon come, Lord Jesus.
Bro. David Aphaxard


Numbers 13 and 14 are sad chapters if used as a sign post to our walk towards the Kingdom of God.  The events shown prove that the Israelites were not ready for the great purpose that Yahweh had in store for them.  Truly it was so.  Consider Psalm 81:11-14.  The Israelites were not hearing the voice of Yahweh as they walked towards the promised land.  God promised them the inheritance of the land, but it was only depending on them listening to His voice, but as we read through these chapters we note that the unfaithful were wanting to walk by sight and not by faith.  Deuteronomy 1:22 shows that the chosen of God sent a deputation to Moses asking that spies should go first and search the land, reporting on its condition and the strength of its inhabitants. Though Yahweh agreed to this, it was not good.  Compare 1 Sam. 8:6,22 with Hosea 13:11 – the Lord permitted what they wanted, but not what He liked.   Brothers and Sisters, as we are the body of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, let us ignore sight-walking towards the Kingdom and have total faith in God’s promises, casting all our care upon him (Mark 11:22; Matt. 6:25), realising that God knows our needs beforehand and will provide.  Let Jesus dwell in our very hearts in all our ways (Eph. 3:17).
Bro Samwel Masawa


Thank you for your letter together with the booklet of model questions and answers re. baptism which I have found very useful guidelines. I have now received material from the ALS - many thanks.  I am now making good use of this and would appreciate any further supply.  I am waiting for the Bible Basics in Kiswahili. I have a student who doesn’t speak nor understand English but can speak Kiswahili fluently.  I also have a group of seven children aged between 3 and 14, but lack Sunday School material. It would be of much benefit if you could send me suitable material for them.  
Bro. Gibson A. Azare

It is apostolic exhortation to “behold, the goodness and severity of God”.  Both these sides of the Divine character have to be recognised before we get a wholesome and scriptural view of Him with whom we have to do.  Both are amply illustrated in the historic doings of God with His people Israel.  It is with the latter illustration we are now thinking about.  Isaiah 58 brings before us the severe side of God’s character and at the same time reminds us of some important lessons we are liable to forget, and upon the remembering and carrying out of them will depend our ultimate individual acceptance with Him.  The prophet is commanded to "Cry aloud, spare not: lift up the voice like a trumpet and show my people their transgressions and the house of Jacob their sins”. The prophet was not sent to the surrounding heathen, to tell them of their sins, but to Israel, God's own people.  Sin is by no means confined to those who know not God.  The need for condemning sin exists as much, and in a certain sense more, within the house of God than in the outer darkness.
Sis. Lydia Fuchaka

Our Brethren at Luuya ask if the 25th day of the 12th month is mentioned in the Bible.   At first sight we read this as December 25, and the answer, of course, would have been no, because the names of the months in the Bible are in Hebrew and different to the English months, as the chart shows.  There is no command to celebrate Jesus’ birthday on December 25th.  The mention of shepherds tending their flocks indicates that Christ’s birth could well have been in the spring.  December 25th was the time of a pagan festival, which was adopted to celebrate the birth of Christ.  The question still remains:  Is the five and twentieth day of the twelfth month mentioned in the Bible?  We are indebted to Bro. George Wabwile and Bro. Wycliffe Wasike of Kenya for bringing this verse to our attention. 

The answer to this question is at the bottom of the Kenyan News.

Looking at it from a personal point of view, the qualification required to enter the Kingdom of God is a very simple one – love.  Yet, think of Jacob’s sons, they hated Joseph (Gen. 37:8.  But was it wise of Joseph to explain his dreams to them?   And what about his father’s view? (Gen. 37:11.  We also think of David (1 Sam. 17:28);  his brothers hated him, but he was chosen by God.  Jesus also was hated of his people, because of the things he did and said (Matt. 27:1-2).  However, God loves everybody (John 3:16) and we must do the same.
Bro. Benedict Masai

I am happy to tell you that faith is real.  Earlier this year we went to Sindo beach where we witnessed the baptisms of three new Brothers (1) Jactone Okime (2) Elkana Othoo (3) Othoo Michael Orie.  Let us stay close to God, that is the way to find the Kingdom.
Bro. Jared Oketch

Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ.  I am happy being a young Sister in the truth.  I am interested in meeting and sharing this wonderful hope with others.  Please can you send some magazines about how a young Sister can grow in the truth.  
Sis. Patricia L. Maing

I cried when I read from your letter that in New Zealand three children had three days’ fasting because they wanted to feel what true hunger was like.  I cannot imagine people going without food for days despite having well stocked refrigerators.  This is a challenge to we people in Africa, in poor countries, who may depend on support from our western Brothers.  Time has come to say no, and also provide from our pocket for the spread of the gospel, remembering the poor widow who threw two coins into the treasury box.  Jesus commented that she had given more than anyone else.  For ourselves, we were blessed with three kids, but unfortuntely one fell asleep after birth.  We received some mosquito nets, 15 in number, and distributed them amongst ourselves.  We were so happy to have them as we live in mosquito-infested areas and malaria drugs are very expensive.  I received the booklet ‘Withdrawal of the gifts of the Holy Spirit’; what a nice debate it was.  After receiving it we went through it with our Brothers and Sisters; it arrived at the right time, since we were planning a Bible study and invited our Bible students surrounding Nakuru.  Any other booklets which will help us will be gratefully received.  I am an artist and I move from one market to another selling Mosaic pictures carrying some verses from the Bible.  Whenever I share the word of God with someone, it sometimes seems odd when I explain that tomb, hades, hell etc. mean the same – grave.  By reading my Bible regularly I stay well informed and my journey towards the Kingdom of God becomes easier.
Bro. Peter Thuo Kariuki

We see Jesus, walking along the dusty roads, standing where people stood; stopped for a weeping woman, a blind person, for a wealthy loner, a beggar etc.  He restored them with compassion and left them rejoicing, forgiven and with new sight.  But he never healed easily, mark that carefully – “Power went out of me”, he said when the suffering woman touched him.  The Healer never healed without pain.  In Bethany, tears were streaming down the face of our Saviour as he stood with Martha and Mary and called Lazarus from the grave.  Most costly of all was the cross of Jesus; that is where we see the highest form of love.  The glory of Jesus shines from the depth of the bitterness, the suffering, the injustice, misery and loneliness of the cross.  But there our transformation began, because the cross demonstrated in shining letters, ‘This is how much God loves’.  The cross carried that love to the point of death, and through it into resurrection.  As Jesus showed his love to us, let us also display this word love on our backs – Ruoth opaki.
Bro. Leonard Mboya Lar

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, for by it the elders obtained a good report.  Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.”   When we meet at the Lord’s table to remember his sacrifice we should remember the example of the faith of those of old times, some of whom are mentioned in Hebrews ch. 11.  Abraham and Sarah had a child when they were old.  Faith is often tried, and we have an example of this when Abraham was told to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice.  Moses kept the Passover and the Israelites passed over the Red Sea as by dry land.  Even the walls of Jericho fell down after seven days – by faith.  When we come to the time of Jesus we see that women received their dead raised to life.  Jesus bore the agony of the cross – this was the supreme example of faith.  For those Brothers and Sisters who may feel lonely, being perhaps one or two in number, if we have faith in the work of the gospel, God will add more and more Brothers and Sisters to the fellowship of Christ.  So let us love each other and have faith “for without faith it is impossible to please Him” (Heb. 11 6).
Bro. Alex K. Mwaniki

I am worried that the *snap I sent of the ecclesia has not yet been published.  I met with our Bro. Philip Lawrence and his wife, Sis. Kate, in April at Migori.  In South Nyanza we have six ecclesias, but due to time, Bro. Lawrence combined Okumbo and Kababu at one place.  Through God’s mercy two Sisters were baptised.  I hope, trust and believe that one day Brothers from UK will visit Okumbo ecclesia.  Please send Jan/Feb Gospel News which I did not receive.
Bro. John Kine

*Sorry for the delay John.

My new working station is at Siaya, about 250km from Migory; its far away, a different environment and hot weather conditions.  I miss my Brothers in Migori.  I send my greetings to people in Uzbekistan, Tashkent and Bro. Oleg and encourage him to stand firm in the Lord who will protect him all through his mission.  God bless you all.
Bro. Kennedy Kirinya

Thank you for your letters that I’ve been receiving.  The teachings they contain are very good and inspiring.  I’ve been able to know the feared beasts, of Daniel and Revelation, the current world situation and that the Lord is coming soon in a cloud, with power and great glory, bringing with him justice, righteousness and order and subduing all evil.  What a wonderful day it will be when we will rejoice with our dear Lord!  We are a group of people in our faith.  The Migori ecclesia is very far from here, so we decided to site a building near us to enable us all to attend Sunday services.
Bro. Peter Omoga

The Bible tells us that many people will be judged when Jesus returns.  Paul says that Jesus Christ will judge the living and the dead (2 Tim. 4:1).  Responsible people are those who know about God, whether they have rejected him or obeyed Him.  All those shall stand before the judgment seat of Christ and each will give an account of him/herself to Christ (Rom. 14:10,12)  Not all responsible people will be saved (see Luke 13:28).  People who have never known about God will not be raised for judgment because they are not responsible to Him.  Daniel tells us that many (not all) of those who sleep in the dust shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to everlasting destruction (Dan. 12:2).  Faithful believers can look forward to this wonderful blessing.  God is going to send Jesus Christ to bring peace to the world.  After resurrection and judgment those who are saved will enter the Kingdom of God as priests to preach the word of God to all nations.  If we serve God now we will belong to Him in the day when “there shall be no more death” (Rev. 21:4).  May God bless all who do the will of God.
Sis. Nancy Nasimiyu

Because Jesus said the gospel should be preached to every creature, we should encourage people to devote themselves to the work of the Lord, especially by translating the gospel into native languages (Matt. 28:19-20).  A good follower of Christ should not mock or neglect any translation of the word of God, instead he should do the corrections to make the translation suitable for the benefit of coming generations.  Let us unite world wide to assist in every way in translating the gospel into the native languages of the world.
Bro. Isaac Kapa 


Calendar in Ancient Israel

Answer: The 25th day of the twelth month is refered to in Jeremiah 52:31.


news from malawi 

There are a lot of people in my ecclesia who would like to receive Gospel News, but unfortunately they do not have proper addresses.  If you could add some copies and send to me I will deliver to Brothers and Sisters.
Bro. Brian Kachereh

Thank you very much for sending me the entire book dealing with Revelation, following my past question from Revelation ch. 13.  I beg you to continue sending me gospel material as the Kingdom of God is around the corner.
Bro. R.K. Mapsera

As I am not working I am at my wife’s village.  I am very privileged to visit our old and new Brothers and Sisters in the country.  We endure happily all the difficulties because of our Lord Jesus; we always pray for the moment for him to come.  Thanks to God who showed us the truth.  There is a friend here who is a Moslem and he is interested to have Bible Basics for Moslems.  In Malawi there is freedom of worship; we do not have such things as ‘Moslem communities’ (Mark 8:35).  I am very busy, especially this week: I am sending some duplicated books to Brothers and Sisters in various parts, in and outside Malawi.  I have already sent the ‘Testimony’ magazine to Brothers in Malawi and the book, ‘Back to the Bible’ to a friend.
Bro. Emmanuel Chitalo

Thanks a lot for publishing my exhortation in  Gospel News July/August Issue. Let me take this opportunity to let you know of the baptisms of four people in Salima-Malawi. In my last letter I mentioned they were  expected to have taken place in July but they took place on the 1st of August, 2004. Brother Austen Frank Nyirenda, Sisters Emily Mayimba, Gladys and Eunice Mphambo are the four. There are three more people who are on their way to baptism very soon, God willing. We thank God for His work and calling.
Emmanuel Gerald Mphambo

news from nigeria 

I was exceedingly happy when I received a booket titled A womens Place? The book is very exciting, to those that believes the truth.  As i was reading the book, I remember a magazine given to me by Bro Goddy Nwosu. It was a debate between Bro Duncan and Rev. Henry. Please Bro. I would like you to send to my sister wife a copy of the Igbo Bible Basics, for she likes to read Igbo version of the Bible.
Bro Golden Onuoha

Comment:  We still have stocks of the Igbo Bible Basics and are happy to send  copies to anyone who can use them for preaching purposes.

The new Ikwueke Oboro ecclesia was carved out from Okwe Oboro ecclesia after we had waited patiently for 13 good years. we travel there every Wednesday and Sunday from a distance of 80km, rain or shine.  We labour together in the Master’s vineyard.  Now we ask Brethren and Sisters in Christ to pray for us that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified.  This little effort of ours is the way God has revealed Himself to us, with the opportunity to show brotherly love.  We ask for help in building the ecclesia while we wait for our Master’s return.
Bro. Friday Enyiogu

We have left Okwe for a new ecclesia at Ikwueke Oboro;  this is because we trekked almost 5km and made it impossible to attend Memorial services regularly.  I am requesting teaching materials to enable me to carry out teaching properly.
Bro. F.E. Umesi

news from tanzania 

There are many of us living in isolation and would dearly love the overseas visitors to come to our homes.  I appreciate they visit ecclesias and therefore see more Brothers and Sisters, but those of us who live away can feel left out.  I congratulate Bro. Simon Uswege on coming to visit me and we were very glad of his coming.  We need to do more to visit each other so that the bonds of fellowship may be strengthened.
Bro. David Nestory

We are on the very hard and heavy task of building our own ecclesial hall.

We thank Almighty God for His love in enabling members of Lugufu 1 ecclesia to organise a Bible seminar; this was in June and was attended by members of Lugufu 2 ecclesia and friends and we were strengthened in the Scriptures.  We discussed the following subjects:  (1)  The Basis of  the Christian gospel (Bro. Isidore E. Mwibeleta) (2)  Jesus Christ Son of God not God the Son (Bro. L. Buluma)  (3)  God and Death (Bro. Rehani Pascal) and  (4) How we can Inherit the Kingdom of God (Bro. A. Iyunga).   You may know that life in this refugee camp is very difficult as we face a severe shortage of food and other things.  But Jesus Christ said “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from God” (Matt. 4:4).  We need your prayers and support for our work.  We at Lugufu 1 have been blessed by the visits of Bre. John Owen and Alistair MacDonald (B’ham. UK), Benoit Mukendi (Arusha, Tanzania) and Samuel Alinot (Rutale, Kigoma, Tanzania).  Their words of exhortation strengthened us.  They visited the ecclesia of Lugufu 2 when one contact from our ecclesia, Mr. Ekyoci Esengya, was baptised and also a  lady from Lugufu 2 ecclesia.  May God bless them on their walk towards His Kingdom.
Bro. Isidore E. Mwibeleca

I am very sad to inform you that our dear Brother Andrew Michael fell asleep on March 21`at the age of 63.  Our Brother was baptised at Kigwa ecclesia.  We were delighted to welcome visitors from the UK.  We thank you for sending us Bible Basics;  Brethren and Sisters were very happy, especially those that use the Swahili language.  These will increase our knowledge.

Christ and Nicodemus, a well educated Jewish leader, discussed the important question of how a sinner can become a new man – born  “of water and of the spirit”.  This is the most serious question a person will ever face – a question of life and death.  I am thankful for Gospel News by which I am gaining knowledge from the views of Brethren and Sisters from all over the world, which helps me in the race towards the Kingdom.  I have learned from Paul that nothing can or will separate me from the love of God which is manifested in Christ our Lord.  I would like to thank Brothers and Sisters from New Zealand for sending me a bookmark which shows the joy and love of the angels in heaven  on the occasion of my baptism, which encouraged me a lot..  I need more help spiritually to win the race.
Bro. Alick J. Noah

I am very sorry to inform you that the P.O. box I use to receive Gospel News was closed because the owner was not in the country.  When he returned he opened the box and there was a big consignment of Gospel News and your letter.
Sis. Atupakisye Jabir


The world we live in is structured around the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life (1 John 2:16).  “Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God” (James 4:4).   In African countries a number of people depend on witches.  The Bible says that God is the source of all power and from Him comes good and evil.  God does not force us to obey Him but has given us the choice of death or life, blessing or curse.   God depends on us to work with Him to save people who are still following false teaching.  If we do that without fear, we shall succeed and be rewarded at the second coming of Christ to the earth.  All of us must deeply pray life-long for others and teach, person to person, the true gospel and invite our friends to our meetings.  Every Christadelphian must have his/her goals in missionary work; without a goal we will never succeed.
Bro. Robert Mwaseba

The boy, David J. Rufano, fell asleep on April  18 at Bugando Hospital.  He was 11 years old and was not baptised due to his age, but he was a member of Usagara Sunday School.  He was in a bus accident on his way to the ecclesia.  He was my second child.
Bro. Jactor Rufano

Comment:  Bro. Jactor, we are distressed to hear of this tragedy, and all readers will remember you and your family in their prayers.

I would like you to report the loss of Brethren and Sisters from our Lugufu ecclesia;  this is due to them being resettled in the USA by the UNHCR, they were all accompanied by their families.  We pray the Lord will care for them in their new settlements and beseech the Brethren in the areas to welcome them and encourage them to continue with the task of preaching.  May we meet together in the Kingdom of our Lord.
Bro. Bernard Wabene Ikola

I have enjoyed Gospel News because it exhorts me and makes me feel the brotherhood’s love for the truth world wide as members of God’s household.  There is a very urgent need for us to keep on preaching the gospel message to all the human race.  The gospel provides us with the message of immortality, which we are looking forward to receiving from Jesus Christ our Saviour.
Bro. Shadrack Ngambi


news from uganda 

Sister Betrice  has been working with AGOA but is now planning to take up full-time education.

God sees every corner of the earth and knows all activities.  His eyes are  never shut, nothing is hidden from Him (Heb. 4:13).  He is ready, in justice, to forgive those who accept their mistakes and come to Him.  Rewards and judgments will be given on what we have done (John 5:29).  Let us try to be blameless.  God will not judge us on what others know but what He knows;  He is faithful and just to forgive (1 John 1:8,9), and Jesus is coming soon (Rev. 22:12).
Bro Remegio Kule

Some critics of the Bible claim that it contradicts itself.  Is this true?  No, it is not.  If we should ask these critics which parts of the Bible are contradictory they usually have no specific example in mind.  When examples are mentioned, they often turn out to be cases where different Bible writers tell the same story from different angles.  For example, on one occasion Jesus miraculously healed the manservant of a Roman army officer.  In the account by Matthew we read, "When he entered into Capernaum, an army officer came to him entreating him, and saying, Sir, my manservant is laid up in the house with paralysis, being terribly tormented” (Matt. 8:5,6).  Jesus then agreed to go and heal the man.  In Luke’s account we read, “When he (the army officer) heard about Jesus, he sent forth older men of the Jews to him to ask him to come and bring his slave safely through “ (Luke 7:3).  Once again, according to Luke’s account, Jesus agreed to go.  Is it a contradiction that one account says the army officer asked Jesus, and the other says that he sent older men of the Jews to represent him?  A reasonable person would not think so.  This is typical of what happens when two honest people tell of the same event.  To Matthew the important thing was that the army officer made the request of Jesus.  Luke merely added the detail that he did not ask him personally, but sent Jews to represent him.  This is similar to the way we often speak.  For example, we may say that the Mayor of a certain city built a new road.  Now, did the Mayor build the road himself, or was the road built by a contractor, using many workers and engineers?  Obviously   the latter was the case.  Nevertheless, it is not wrong to say that the Mayor built the road since he was the one who initiated the work.  Similarly in this instance, the army officer made a request of Jesus, but he did it through certain representatives.
Bro. Bernie Osenda    

news from zambia 

Presumably Christadelphians world-wide have felt dumbfounded at the brutal murder of Brother Faris of Afghasnistan (Marc/April 04 GN).  What a cruel world and what a big loss!  He just chose the right path that could lead him to eternal life, but someone has cut his life short.  “Blessed are the dead who died in the Lord from now on” (Rev. 14:13).  Anyway, I am conveying sympathy to the bereaved family of Bro. Faris who, at the return of our Lord Jesus Christ, will be with us rejoicing and performing angelic songs.  Brothers and Sisters world-wide, the best prize that life offers is the opportunity to work hard on the Divine word and by proclaiming it.  Have no fear of anything, it’s a go, go forward.  Death is referred to as a sleep, or rest, both for the righteous and the wicked, but the reward of the righteous will be at the resurrection to eternal life at the coming of Christ.   “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.  If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.  As it is, you do not belong to the world, that’s why the world hates you.  Remember, no servant is greater than his master.  If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.  They will treat you this way because of my name, for they do not know the One who sent me.  If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin.  Now, however, they have no excuse for their sins…They hated me without reason” (John 15:18-25).  Those are friends of the world, for the Bible says, “You want things, but you cannot have them, so you are ready to kill” (James 4:2). “All this I have told you so that you will not go astray…In fact, a time is coming when any one who kills you will think he is offering a service to God.  They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me” (John 16:1-3).   This is no different to the death of Bro. Volodya (May/June 2001 GN) who was shot with a low impact bullet 19 times and finally beheaded. And why?  Because of man’s jealousy and hatred;  lovers of money had fulfilled their desires.
Bro. James Mwanda Kambobe

It was really sad to hear of the loss of our Brother Faris of Afghanistan.  Anyway, Gospel News is really encouraging;  I find the articles really interesting, therefore may God bless the work and all who contribute to it.  May His name be praised for, in His mercy, He has given us a new birth into a living hope, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and into an inheritance that can never perish. 
Sis Esther Muntete


Light is sweet and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.  However many years a man may live, let him enjoy them all.  God has given us a great light to walk in towards His Kingdom.  He has given us His word to guide us so that we do not stumble.. We should always read the word of God, which is our daily bread, which gives us light and strength, as it is written, “How sweet are your words to my taste.  Sweeter than honey to my mouth”.  Therefore, since the word of God is sweet, it is the only thing we can depend on, for it is the lamp to our feet and the light for our path (Ps. 119:103-105). We should prepare our minds for action, be self controlled and set our hope fully on the grace to be given when Jesus Christ is revealed.  As controlled and set our hope fully on the grace to be given when Jesus Christ is revealed.  As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires we had when we lived in ignorance, but just as he who called us is holy, so we should be holy in all we do, for it is written, Be holy, because I am holy.  Since we call on a Father, who judges each man’s work impartially, we should live our lives as strangers here in reverent fear.

Let us fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man (Ecc. 12:13).  Now that we have purified ourselves by obeying the truth, we should love one another deeply from the heart, for we are like living stones which are being built into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, therefore we should live lives which are pleasing to God and meditate on His words (1 Peter 1:22; 2:4-9).

Be patient, then, brothers, until the Lord’s coming.  See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop and how patient he is for the autumn and spring rains.  You, too, be patient and stand firm, depend on God’s word, because the Lord’s coming is near.  Don’t grumble against each other, brothers, or you will be judged.  The Judge is standing at the door(James ch5).
Sis. Esther Muntete

God gave Adam and Eve everything they could wish for in the garden of Eden – plenty of food, no fear.   They had total freedom. The serpent said to Eve, You shall surely not die.  You shall be like God knowing good and bad, and she ate of the forbidden fruit;  she was the first to think of doing wrong. Let’s compare this with the temptation of our Lord Jesus Christ.  He had thoughts running in his mind tempting him to prove that he was the Son of God and given the power to turn stones into bread etc.

Eve had the thinking:  ‘Why has God forbidden us to eat of that tree?  Maybe He is hiding something from us.  Maybe that is the source of His power and we shall be like God, knowing good and bad if we eat of it, as the serpent said.’   It was up to Eve what she did and it is up to us to choose what we do:  in Adam all die, but in Jesus we can have eternal life.  If we continue sinning we shall die – it is the same spiritually as naturally.  There is a physical lion that we see and fear and there is a spiritual lion.  Daniel was saved from the physical lion through the power of God and Jesus has defeated the spiritual lion.  We can be deceived by our thinking, but it is up to every individual to choose;  we need to pray without ceasing for God to protect us.  Just as we move away from vehicles which could kill us, so we have to be alert to spiritual danger.
Bro. Kingfred Sikazwe

As Brothers and Sisters of our Lord Jesus Christ, whose name is above all other names,  we have to keep our hopes alive;  we have to acknowledge the Lord.  One thing we have to ask from the Lord:  it is that we may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of our lives, to behold the pleasantness of the Lord and look with appreciation upon his love.
Bro. Sakala William

I am glad to tell you that this year the Lord has blessed us with a very good harvest.  I went to the farm where I joined my parents.  We did the farm work for at least five days;  I came back to the Saturday to  prepare myself for the fraternal at Kitwe.  This was another wonderful day, as we met beloved Brothers and Sisters from other parts of the Copperbelt province. The Sunday School at Mufulira is doing fine.  We are receiving new faces of children whose parents are yet to be of our Christadelphian ‘family’, but they permit their children to attend the classes.  We also conduct youth meetings every Sunday after service, but due to lack of materials most of the youths find it boring to attend;  we do pray that one day we shall be able to get some.  Sometimes three attend, sometimes 4-8.  We start our meetings with a prayer and songs and hymns, followed by general discussion, then health matters and end with a Bible quiz.  I find this very interesting myself and really do encourage my fellow youths to meet with us.  We believe the Lord will answer our prayers.
Bro. Silas K. Chishimba

news from zimbabwe 

When we are trying to live according to God’s plan it is important to realise that God’s timing is perfect – it is never too late or too soon.  When we enter the presence of the Father with a sense of urgency, we expect God to be carried away with the urgency, as we are. How easy it is to become impatient with God, especially when we are in a hurry and He is not.  When Thomas refused to accept the proofs of the resurrection offered by his fellow disciples, the living Lord did not immediately appear to him.  Eight days were to pass before the disciples were together again and only then, at the appropriate moment, did Christ reveal himself.  There must have been days of remorse, of hope, of bewilderment, of sorrow, of faith and doubt.  But when Christ came to Thomas he drove away every doubting thought and filled the disciple’s life with the positiveness of praise and thanksgiving.  God’s timing is perfect.  We must have confidence in it, even if everything seems to go wrong because we are kept waiting and it seems as though God is not co-operating with us in our plans.  He may want our plans to collapse so that He can present us with something better.
Bro. David Yelulani


Slow Me Down, Lord.

Ease the pounding of my heart by
quieting of my mind.

Steady my hurried pace with a vision
of the eternal reach of time.

Give me, amid the confusion of the day,
the calmness of the everlasting hills.

Break the tensions of my nerves
by the soothing music of the singing  streams that live in my memory.

Help me to know the magical restoring power of sleep.

Teach me the act of taking minute vacations,of slowing down to look at a flower, to chat  with a friend, to pat a dog, to read a few lines  from The Good Book.

Slow me down, Lord,  and inspire me to send my roots deep into the soil of life’s enduring
values that I may grow towards my  greater destiny. 

Bro Innocent Bandare

I have a problem: my NIV Bible was lost by my young brother who had borrowed it.  Please, if you have an old one, can you send it to me?  I also need more Bible Basics.  We must always turn to God in prayer.  I am sending a picture of my family. We are very happy that God has revealed His purpose to us.  I now know, and have the confidence, that everything is possible with God.
Bro. Farai Phiri

I would like to thank you for your letters you send which encourage me so much.  I have received the Key Cards and Gospel News, which are so helpful to my understanding of the Bible.  I belong to Chinhoyi ecclesia, which is about 65km from where I live, but that does not prevent me from breaking bread.  I break bread with my wife, Sis. Joyce and Sis. Eneres (Bro. David Yelulani’s wife).  We have three contacts who are learning the truth; I hope they will be baptised before the end of this year, as they now attend regularly with us.  Gospel News is a source of inspiration and uplifts my spirit and I feel a sense of ‘togetherness’ with brothers and sisters world-wide.
Bro. Obert Wiki

If we use our time on worldly things death is coming our way.  If we are following the Lord Jesus wholeheartedly, then life after death is coming our way.  We must be ready to meet the Lord Jesus for judgmenmt.  To some this will be a day of weeping and gnashing of teeth, but to the saints, joy.  God is good;  He has told us everything so that we may decide for ourselves.  It is a shame that some spend lots of their money and time on worldly things – people, buildings, cars, etc - but do not want to spend this present life on obeying the commands of our Lord God, so that, by His grace, we may inherit His Kingdom and see the Lord Jesus and stay with him.  Surely there should be none of us who does not want to see the Son of God, the only begotten Son, Jesus Christ!
Bro. Moses Ajiweka

How much should we give to God?  Many Christians, Brothers and Sisters in Christ, find that giving one tenth is a good way of deciding what we should give;  this then helps us to know how much we have to live on.  And remember, tithes and offerings are not only money, but include produce, time and skills.  The New Testament does not command us to tithe, it asks us to decide in our hearts and to give generously.  Why not ask God in prayer about it?  For those Christians who are quite rich, one tenth may seem small compared to Jesus speaking about the widow who put into the temple treasury two small coins.  She really gave more than the rich people who gave large amounts, because, unlike them, the woman had nothing left.  Let us be like those who Paul wrote to in Corinth – put aside for God every week, as a gift of fellowship.  God will surely bless us greatly as a result.
Bro. Gift M. Lungu

Comment:  Our readers are in such varying circumstances, many are in real need.  We have to provide for our families, but for some, 10% would be far too great a burden.  We do not have to tithe, but give our lives to the Lord and our substance according to what we have.

The Brethren are happy as friends who completed the 40-lesson Course  were inter-viewed at Chishumba by Bro. Pakali from Kariba and Bro. Waston from Chisape.  Two who were interviewed and baptised are Maggic Vheremu, wife of Bro. Steven Tedza, and Joseph Naoromazasi.  As we know, there are difficulties in life to be overcome.  To do so we must believe the word of our Heavenly Father.  Anyone who will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it (Mark 10:15).  At harvest time we get what we have planted.  If we do not work for our Heavenly Father we will harvest nothing.  “I am the Lord, and there is no other.  I form the light and create darkness;  I bring prosperity and create disaster. I the Lord do all these things.”  If we forget the Son of Man who died for us, we will never get the prosperity from God.
Bro. Ngoni Chikwata

God sent the apostles and prophets, who were guided by the Holy Spirit, to preach and they did so.  People like Elijah, John baptist and Jonah.  Jonah tried to run away, but the power of God did miracles. After being swallowed by the whale he went straight to Nineveh to preach.  No Brothers or Sisters can say they haven’t heard the good news.
Bro. Fungai Phiri

My tears are for our Bro. George Constantine in jail in Trinidad. He and all of us must pray to the Lord that He will deliver him.  We know that God sent His angel to save Daniel from the den of lions.  Again, my tears are for our Brothers in Iraq.

The Bible is unlike other books.  It contains loving instructions from God.  If we apply what the Bible teaches we will benefit greatly; we will increase our love for God and will draw closer to Him, the Giver of every good gift and every perfect present.  We will come to know how to approach Him in prayer.  During times of trouble we can experience His help.  If we harmonise our lives with the standards set out in the Bible, God will give us everlasting life.  Those who gain Bible knowledge are free from the misconceptions that dominate the lives of millions.  For example, knowing the truth about what happens after death.  The Bible’s teaching of the resurrection gives comfort to those who have lost loved ones (John 11:25).  The godly principles in the Bible show us how to live in a way that brings physical benefits, e.g. being “moderate in habits” contributes to good health.  By cleansing ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit we avoid damaging our health.  If we apply God’s word we will be happier people.  Bible knowledge helps us to find inner peace and contentment and gives us hope.  It helps us to cultivate such appealing qualities as compassion, love, joy, peace, kindness, etc.     Do we ever wonder about the future?  Bible prophecies show us where we are in the stream of time.
Bro. Dzingai Sumburera

The truth has shown us the way to the Kingdom.  At one time I used to run away when my brother used to say, Jimmy, are you coming with me to church.  He kept on talking to me about how God could help me.  We are now four members in our family in the ecclesia.
Bro. James Zvitete

I write to acknowledge receipt of the Shona version of Bible Basics.  I enjoy the truth much more than anything, despite the difficulties are are going through.  Our meeting in Kariba is growing, with more students joining us.  God willing, they will be added to our number in due course.
Bro. Joshua Pakali

I am now doing my studies in motor mechanics in the Municipality of Kariba;  I did the theory at Magunje VTS and am seeking for help to get motor mechanics text books in both diesel and petrol engines, if any one could help me.
Bro. Davison Mupariwa

I live in isolation; my closest ecclesia is Chisape which is about 35km away, so I break bread once or twice a month with my fellow Brothers and Sisters, but most of the time I’m alone at home.  I do not meet others weekly because of the transport costs.
Bro. Rajabue Mweha

The reason for me writing to you is that my sister, who was a Christadelphian, has died.  I used to read Gospel News until my sister  fell asleep.  I understand some time ago she had asked Duncan a certain question to which he replied, but at that time she was not feeling very well and then died.  I would like, personally, to continue receiving Gospel News because it helps me to understand the truth and the things around the world as well as to know God Himself.  I am a boy aged 24.
Mandara Musambakaruma 

I would like to thank God for His powerful call.  Since I started to worship Him I have understood the joy and peace of true Christianity and am glad that I was baptised (on March 28, 2004).  Brethren and Sisters here are keen to spread the gospel as Jesus instructed.  I am thankful for Bible Basics as it has revealed to me something anew, as I was very confused before and I have now found the Bible much more profitable.  This gives me the hope of inheriting the Kingdom of God on earth. I could not turn down the hope I have of Jesus’ second coming and waiting for him.  Brethren and Sisters here send their greetings.
Bro. Simon Mudavose

I have found a help meet.  I am now married to Ratidzo.  As I am writing this letter she has just entered our room and asks me to send warm greetings to you and to all Brothers and Sisters world-wide.  May God bless our marriage.  
Bro. Tarirai

We have more than 25 students at present in Mutare,  some are on the first lessons and others have already finished the 40-lesson course.  We are praying hard so that those who have finished the lessons will be successful when interviewed by Sis. Ruth Moore.  We are really working hard so that the truth is known  in the whole of Mutare and other parts.  The main problem we are facing is travelling to visit the students as they are far away from our homes.  If God wishes, one day we will have a bicycle to use to help with our travelling and preaching.
Bro. Gilbert Tevere

We here greatly appreciate the good work you are doing, which is the Lord’s work – so keep it up.   
Bro. Sibangani Maka

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