News from Europe / Eurasia

news from belarus 


You are always welcome here, and I so love reading the Zvezda magazine. I am of one mind with you so much.

Sis. Nina

news from bulgaria 

We see from TV news that it is very cold in Latvia... Having you always in our hearts and prayers. we send you all our warmth now! living with the hope that He will send the Lord Jesus soon - the world cannot go on this way longer, as we see...

Bro. Lyuben

news from estonia 

I am working here with one man whom I am interesting in the Gospel. I would wish to take him to the Bible School in Ukraine so he can meet with others.

Bro. Mark

news from finland 

Through all I have been through I can say that Jesus is my Lord and I am faithful to Him. I still have many problems even here but I thank God for helping me so far.

Bro. Masoud

news from france 

I am looking for Bro Deogratias Karegea, maybe he is now in South Africa. I am now living in Paris. He was my room mate in the refugee camp in Swaziland.

Bro. Nsanga

news from israel 

I am rather isolated here, by my old age and now my illness. I do very much pray for you and think of my brothers and sisters.

Bro. Vadim

My cousin who lives with us now has Parkinson’s, it’s very distressing for me to see others getting so old, and to realize I too am aging. I am so very, very thankful that I have the hope of living for ever when Jesus returns. I remember the day when Duncan and Cindy baptized me into Him, I often think of it.

Sis. Anna

news from italy 


We always remember you in prayer and in our hearts. Thanks for the books. Our ministry is slowly pressing ahead and the brethren send greetings.

Bro. Festus

news from kazakhstan 

We here are thinking of you at the Bible School. We all would so love to have come, but it’s just impossible. We will be sending just one brother from here. As you know, there is so much opposition here to us, please, pray with us against all this.

Sis. Elvira


I want to send my greetings to all, and my best wishes to you all as we are awaiting the coming of God’s Kingdom.

Bro. Marat

I just wanted to inform you that I remember you all, and think often of the happy times we had when Sister Ludmila Kuristyina was alive, although thanks to her we here can look forward to the return of Jesus with understanding and hope.

Sis. Balpysh

I have to tell you with sadness of the death of my father at the end of November last year. Things are now very hard for me, with money, with trying to get the house written in my name, and knowing that one by one I have lost my family. I believe in God and in Jesus, truly I do.

Sis. Lena

news from latvia 

We’re delighted to announce the baptism of AIGARS, LUDMILA, AINA, EDUARDS, VALERIJ K, AGRIS, ANITA, VALERIJ B, VIKTOR, VOLODYA, VALYA, LARISA, INESA and NATASHA; and at the refugee camp, Brothers V and S. May the Lord be with them all the journey through, to His Kingdom.

In Latvia it is now minus 20 degrees! All asylum seekers are completely frozen. I try to do on Sundays what I can for feeding people; I hope that people are satisfied.

Sis. Jena

I have had so many problems, including difficulties from my former church. I am thinking of trying to get a job abroad, please pray for me in my plans.

Sis. Katya

I am writing this from Germany and so looking forward to returning home in March. My hope is in our Lord and I know that whatever happens, He is with me and has a purpose prepared for me. When I came here we were promised 1000 Euros / month, but they say there’s not enough work for us because of the financial crisis, so in total I am paid only 207 Euros / month after all the deductions, of which we were not informed.

Sis. Vaira

I find myself more willing to hear the word of God than to speak it to others. I excuse myself because I consider myself to be shy, and excuse myself because of age, illness etc. But I know that I must try to be more sharing with others of the Gospel.

Sis. Irena

Again I send my greetings to you all, and remind you again that I would so love to be with you, but it is too far for me to travel from Kraslava to Riga, after my operations I really don’t go out anywhere. But I read the magazine from cover to cover, several times, and think of you all.

Sis. Valeriana

news from lithuania 

It’s really impressive what’s being done in Haiti, baptizing, caring for people. God bless you.

Bro. Valdas

Here the financial crisis means I am working very very much but for small pay. May God bless you all and us all.

Bro. Albinas

news from macedonia 

I am holding on here. I very, very often think of you, and pray for you, and hope that Jesus returns soon.

Bro. Kicho

news from malta 

I am grateful for all the information which I was pleased to receive from you. It is so packed full with so many articles, and together with the book, ‘The Real Christ’, I can say they are so uplifting for our personal lives. I have read and studied them in depth and I commended them to assist the searching souls to understand the Bible better.

Sadly, however, I’m astonished at what I discovered about the amazing deliverance of Brother Robert. How our brothers were under degrading and inhumane treatment in Latvia, and how long-term refuge detainees were either released undocumented or faced deportation after they had been detained. In the amazing deliverance, I also discovered how the Latvian authorities absolutely refused to give their documents to immigrant/asylum seekers over there. They have forgotten that we are also human beings like them. Their attitude and behaviour toward immigrants/asylum seekers is indeed outrageous and terrible.

Concerning the sending of Bible Basics to the refugee camp here, I can say it is preferably better if you can send a copy which will enable any interested readers to understand the Bible better. I must say I am enlightened and have come to a greater understanding of God’s Word.

Bro.Solomon OyInlade

news from moldova 


I am unable to get to the School this year because my daughter has a job and I have to look after the grandchild. But it gives me time to read the Bible a lot, a few verses at a time. I was reading the final chapters of Revelation and thinking how wonderful the Kingdom will be when it comes.

Sis. Tamara

news from poland 

We are very worried here because our brother Valentin went missing, he only recently got married. If anyone knows where he is, please let us know.

Bro. Henryk Budzialowski

Because of the economy here I am going to work in France, please pray for me there.

Bro. Marcin

news from russia 

We are delighted to announce the baptism of Sisters VERONIKA and ALEVTINA. Veronika is the daughter of our Brother Andrej and Sister Tanya and has been well raised in the Truth for many years. May the Lord be with them all the journey through, to His Kingdom.

Photo: Sister Veronika being greeted after her baptism by her parents


Brother Boris continues to decline in health, but we so love him and one of us goes in to see him each day. The sisters do all cooking for him. Now that Aleftina has been baptized, we have another helper. The example of Boris played a part, so it seems to me, in her conversion.

Bro. Oleg

Photo: Brother Boris puts a sign on his “Bible Reader’s Calendar” each day to show he’s read his Bible readings for that day; his health is failing and it is with great effort he attempts to read each day.


We in our ecclesia here are preparing with eagerness for the Winter Bible School. We talk about our plans to attend every time we meet, on Sundays and also during the week.

Bro. Alexei

Photo: Br Alexei and members of Kazan ecclesia at the Ukraine Bible School

Since the death of our dear Sister Ludmila Kuritsyna, I have been meeting at times with our deaf Brother, Andrej, and going for walks with him in the park near to his block. We have even broken bread there. I find I am often getting ill, when I used to have strong health. Anyway, I look forward to meeting at Bible School.

Bro. Viktor

I am planning on coming to the Bible School, and am preparing a presentation about how I came to the Truth. I am 72 years of age now and living by God’s grace.

Bro. Anatoly


My granddaughter is out of her coma after the car accident but very sick. All medicines are so expensive. I thank God that she is still alive even though she doesn’t go to school any more. Maybe God can still use her, and me.

Sis. Galina

PS Assistance has been sent to our Sister.


I am looking forward to meeting all brothers and sisters at the Bible School in Poltava. This is such a significant meeting for me, to be there with my true family in Christ.

Bro. Igor


Nastya and I have now returned here from Leningrad Oblast, we are so disappointed to have missed the Bible School in Ukraine. We remain with God and miss you all.

Bro. Kostya


I am nervous to travel far from here, but this means I am lonely here too. I am with you all.

Bro. Robert


As usual I am anticipating very much the long journey to Bible School. I am so looking forward to being with my sister [in the flesh] Nina again, Bible School is the only time we get to be together. I pray God gives us both the health to get there.

Sis. Raisa

Photo: Sisters Raisa and Nina together at Bible School


I am preparing for my Winter pilgrimage to the Bible School. Probably I will be the oldest person there, but it is a joy for me to travel to be with you all in Christ. Thank God I still have health enough to go for several days by train. It’s changing the train in Moscow which is my least favourite part of the journey.

Bro. Pavel

Photo: Bro. Pavel participating in the Bible School play as Philemon


I sometimes wonder why my life has ended up so bitter. I have tried to do good to others but there was so much evil that happened to me, and now I am old, sick, still not without problems. All I can say is that the ways of God are not searchable. I feel Him more and more in my life, I see He wants me. I have many conversations with myself, where I come to this same conclusion.

Sis. Tamara


I have now been relocated here. I took with me a copy of Beyond Bible Basics and am studying this carefully. My health is now better, for which I give glory to God.

Bro. Sergej

news from serbia 


My fascination with Bible numbers continues. The Bible is truly the word of God, although I have believed this for many years, I never tire of finding more and more evidence for this. It is the great pin in my life.

Bro. Vladislav

news from turkey 

I am now living in Antalya; maybe I won’t now return to Russia, this will be my home. I miss you and think of you whenever I read the Bible.

Sis. Anna

news from ukraine 


We have now moved from Kharkov to Donetskaya Obl. Lena’s health continues very weak. And we still mourn the disappearance of our son Sasha. Only through our Bible readings do we keep ourselves sane, even if we have read some of the verses tens of times, they still only grow in wonder and power.

Bro. Vasilij & Sis. Lena


Thank you so much for your efforts in educating me and other people at the Bible School. Truly the Bible is the only way out of our problems in life.

Bro. Vladimir


I returned from my time in France all OK. I very much look forward to the Bible School!

Sis. Veronika


I am so sad that this year I couldn’t come to the Bible School. I was thinking of you there so much every day you were there. I had wanted to bring a relative of mine to the School but some things happened which meant I just couldn’t make the journey.

Bro. Misha

news from united kingdom 

We’re delighted to report the baptism of our friend and Bible Basics contact DAVE and would like to thank the Blackburn ecclesia for their assistance and loving cooperation in this matter.

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