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We're pleased to report the baptism of YURI at the Riga Bible Center. He had had positive conversations with brothers Guy and John from New Zealand when they were over earlier in the Summer, and has maintained serious interest and completed studying Bible Basics. Yuri has become fully involved with our life at the Riga Bible Center, here he is [center] as "glav sovetnik" and adjuticator at the chess games which are taken with such deadly earnest after and before the meetings:

And the man on the right, who's not yet baptized, asked to come and be present at Yuri's baptism- so you see how chess and coffee lead to relationships deepening and becoming focused around the things central to our faith and hope:

Straight after the baptism, some swans mounted up and flew off in freedom, which brother Yuri was deeply touched by; he then gave a very powerful testimony to the Truth of Christ at Bible class:

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