The prophecy of Joel, the Day of the Lord and Armageddon

A brief summary –

There are 3 major times which we can call “The Day of the Lord.”

1. In BC 587, when the Jewish kingdom was conquered by the Babylonians.

2. In AD 70, when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and scattered the Jews.

3. A future time when Jesus returns to save Jerusalem and destroy those who fight against it.

Joel says this will be “The great and terrible Day of the Lord.” (Joel 2:31)

In Joel 2 he foretells of a short time when God would pour out His spirit (power) on the Jews.  In Acts 2 Peter tells us this was fulfilled by the temporary outpouring of the spirit (power of God to do miracles) in the first century.

The end of Joel chapter 2 tells us in symbolic language that “before the great and terrible Day of the Lord” the Jewish nation would be overthrown. 

This was done by the Romans in AD 70.

In Joel 3 we read of the coming great battle, which will be the final “great and terrible Day of the Lord”.  It is likened to the threshing of sheaves in a valley.

This is the meaning of the word “Armageddon”, found in Revelation 16:16:-

            Arma   =     a heap of sheaves

            gai       =     a valley

            don      =     judgement.

In Revelation 16:16 the battle of Armageddon is predicted. But the previous verse 15, speaks of Jesus coming “as a thief” – suddenly - to his followers! Therefore Jesus comes to his disciples before the battle of Armageddon! 

He could return at any time.  Are we ready to meet Him?

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