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In the beginning it was dark like night, There were no people and there was no light, No cats, no dogs, no little birds,

But then God spoke, He said the first words, "Let there be light!" And the light was bright,

"Let there be day!" "Let there be night" And all was good in God's sight,

"Let there be sky and earth and seas", "Let there be grass and growing trees", Then, with the angels, He made the stars,

The sun and the moon and even Mars, Then they made every fish and bird, and all the animals - what a noise was heard!

The cows said `moo!' The horses said `neigh!' The ducks said `quack' and the angels said "Yay! Creation is good; all's gone to plan,

There's one more thing we must make - man". So God with the angels, on the sixth day, made the first man, Adam, out of the clay.

God breathed into to him the breath of life, But then God said "He needs a wife". So they took a rib out of his side, and made for Adam a beautiful bride. Then all was good, and God was glad, He had children, He was a Dad.

God loves me and God loves you, God's glad to be our Daddy too.

Sis Cindy Heaster (Latvia)

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