The Carpe Diem Project in Bosnia

I am very happy to meet you. We Brothers here are trying to get to as many people as we can with the Gospel. I'll explain a bit. We are trying to do something to those who really need material help here, with clothes, food or paying the bills (electricity, water, heating). People here are hungry, have no clothes, specially older people and kids and families who lost someone in the war. All this we do on our own. We have no salary no pay, just God and faith. We do this because we want to support the preaching, by some real acts. To show truth and love by the actions as well as the teaching. My name is Dzenan, and I am student of finishing year mathematics science. I am getting my degree in couple of months. I was a child who had bad life; war took everything I had. Some of my family and cousins were killed. I was poor and know how bad it was. I was going from door to door to find food for myself and my family. So I know how these people feel.

I feel that God is using me for something good here. Now, let me tell you a little bit more about my project here. 10 months ago I decide to start a magazine called Carpe Diem (in Latin-seize the day). I always wanted to help people. So this is how I started. I gathered a group of young people and asked their help with all this. The basic idea was to put younger people together and let them feel how does it look like when they help to others. It developed a relationship with people and then the most important with God!

Carpe Diem was used to tell people the truth, our truth on the way how we saw it as Christadelphians. This country is poor, and in our neighbourhoods you could find where there was people who did not have food on the table. Nobody took care of anybody. So we decide to change that. So we went from door to door and asked help for those who really need it. We got some clothes and food for a couple of families and that is how all started going. We even got reported in newspaper. So what we are trying is to get as many young people here, to give them something to do. We seven are a small group of people that have meetings and prayers together. We also helped to some of our brothers to find a way to God. I have personally baptised three brothers so far and I hope I do more. Bro. Duncan was the man who encouraged me with it. I am thankful to God that He gave me a chance to meet him. We helped a lot of people so far, we just finished a project with Christmas boxes, and we delivered a box to every child in two villages here. I think that we can change life of others and ourselves. We trust in God and His mercy. Any help that we can get we appreciate and we are most thankful for it.

Bro Dzenan (Bosnia)

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