Who Needs Changing?

How easy it is to find fault with other people.  Their speech, dress, background and numerous other peculiarities are all points open to criticism.  What is often overlooked is that fault-finding can be a cover up for the weaknesses and failures of the one who is criticizing.

Before criticizing other people spend some time alone with your Divine Father. The first truth you will learn is that you are not fault free, but as your failures and weaknesses are revealed you will realizise through God’s grace, what you can become  This act of self-realisation will result in a greater understanding of your fellowmen.  You need to change before attempting to change other people.

Criticism seldom changes people, for most people are aware of their faults and have probably been trying to rectify them for many years.  If instead of seeing the faults in others, you see their potential in Christ and expect them to express that potential in their daily lives, you will find that they do their best to respond to your high expectations.  If you condemn a man by unkind and unjust criticism you may be confirming the low opinion he already has of himself, but if you point him to the Living Christ you introduce him to One who is slow to condemn and quick to replace the old life with a new one.

Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)

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