More On The Road Ahead - Education

As Brother Peter says above (refer Article - Heritage Children), we have been looking at three ways of trying to help improve the natural lot of some of our Brethren and Sisters. Already we have considered some basic ideas about health and medical care and growing nutritious food. Now we want to open up some ideas for basic education for those who for various reasons are deprived of this. The last few years have seen a number of substantial schemes, large comprehensive schools in Australia, sponsored schools in America, India and Cameroons, but there is a much greater general basic need in some of the Missison areas. The above sponsored scheme in Nepal is an excellent example of what can be achieved and is certainly a method that could be developed much further - but in total or part sponsoring of education one has to remember it is a financial commitment for a number of years ahead  The following article on home schooling is another way. For some, the cost of the text books would be prohibitive, but surely there must be a number of our young people that have got laying around their early books that could be used for this purpose – indeed even postal tutoring could be considered for some subjects. There is a need for those in the developing countries to meaningfully help in this matter and we need ideas and suggestions from our readers as to how we can help and what those in the Mission fields feel would be the best way to achieve their particular needs.

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