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 Carelinks Australia Conference November 2015

John Thatcher

Duncan Heaster exhortation: Our Humiliation [Philippians 2]

Cindy Heaster


Carelinks UK Conference, London February 2012

The Case for Grace (Duncan Heaster)
Grace in Hosea’s life (Dave Bushell)
A visit to the Ukraine Bible School (John Locke)
A fisherman remembers... (Paul Hosking)
Grace in Riga (Vanessa Boler)
Grace in the face of Jesus (Steve Gretton)
How the grace of God impacted my life (Irma Sabele, from Riga ecclesia, Latvia)
Grace on the Road (Andy Taylor)
Inspiration from Jamaica (Alan Eyre)

 Carelinks UK Conference, Colerne February 2011

Br Dave Bushell- "The rest that remains" in Christ  | Br. John Eastbury- Meditating upon the Lord Jesus Br. John Eastbury- Exhortation and breaking of bread [full meeting] Br. Steve Gretton- Putting Ourselves Into The Gospels Br. Steve Gretton- Forgiveness [1] Br. Steve Gretton- Forgiveness [2] Br Duncan Heaster- "To live is Christ"  Br Geoff Maycock- Revelation: A Pastoral Message Sisters Anna & Barbara  Ryder- Formulating A Pastoral Program: Some Suggestions 

Carelinks Australia Conference, Hurstville NSW October 2010

A Passionate God, An Active Lord (Duncan Heaster) | God At Work (Cliff York) God At Work In Latvia (Colin & Hendrika Green) Cindy's Kitchen  / The Riga Bible Centre (Cindy Heaster)Seeing God In Small Things  (John Thatcher) |


Carelinks UK Conference, Colerne January 2010

Carelinks: An Overview (Duncan Heaster) | Forgiveness (Steve & Sue Gretton) Part 1 | Part 2 | The Role We Play In Saving Others (Peter Cresswell) | Post Baptism Pastoral Care (Anna & Barbara Ryder) | The Mission Driven Life (Duncan Heaster) | Being A Voice For The Voiceless (Jena Anderson) | From The Jehovah's Witnesses To Christ (Peter Neate-Stidson) | How To Communicate (Charles Abel) | Breaking Of Bread Service: Loneliness (Presiding: Peter Gaston; Exhorting: Robert Wilkinson)


Carelinks Australia Conference, Hurstville NSW December 2009

Carelinks: An Overview (Duncan Heaster) | Guarding The Deposit (Cliff & Nicky York) | A Vision For Western Sydney (Belinda Burns) | The Light In Latvia (John Aldersley) | Walking in Light (Sam Dando) | Seeking the Face of God (John Davy) | Life Focused on the Light (Duncan Heaster) | Pastoral Care: Being the Light (Ruth Stibbs) | Hanging on in Turkey (John Thatcher) | Music 


Carelinks UK Conference , Chippenham January 2009

WINNING THE WEST-Brother Charlie Klennert


SYMPOSIUM: DOCTRINE FOR TODAY- Brothers Peter Cresswell & John Eastbury

Peter and John tackled the issues head on in a most challenging and stimulating manner.Peter's talk here ; John's talk here

JOB- Brother Geoff Maycock.

PREACHING TECHNIQUE- Brother Duncan Heaster

EVOLUTION AND CREATION- Brother Robin and Sister Jean Field

Memorial meeting- exhortation by Brother Peter Cresswell

Israel in the Wilderness
by Duncan Heaster, 2001
1. Deliverance from Egypt 0:03:02
2. Failure in the Wilderness 0:01:34
3. "Today, if you will hear his voice" 0:29:24
4. Breaking of Bread Exhortation 0:00:00
Bible Basics
by Duncan Heaster

Bible Basics is a study manual of 380 pages which systematically explores the Bible's main message. You can view it online. Duncan has given a series of talks about basic Bible doctrines, which follow the chapter outline of the book Bible Basics. He analyzes each of the Bible's main doctrines, seeking to show how they have meaning in practice.

Bible Basics talk 1: God 0:45:18
Bible Basics talk 2: The Holy Spirit 0:47:10
Bible Basics talk 3: The Promises of God 0:53:02
Bible Basics talk 4: Death 0:41:03
Bible Basics talk 5: The Kingdom of God 0:22:45
Bible Basics talk 6: The Devil and Satan 0:51:05
Bible Basics talk 7: The Origins of Jesus 0:26:42
Bible Basics talks 8 & 9: The Nature and Death of Jesus 0:59:43
Bible Basics talk 10: Baptism 0:37:31
Bible Character Studies
by Duncan Heaster
The Heart of Pharaoh 0:29:30
Esther 0:33:51
Hosea 0:30:01
John the Baptist 0:31:17
Jesus: The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever 0:32:13
The Reality of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ 0:31:30
Peter 0:53:21
Exhortations from the WorldWide Online Breaking of Bread
by "Epha"
Lessons from Lot (Genesis 19) 0:13:46
Psalm 19 0:13:30
Psalm 78 - online lesson notes 0:11:23
Proverbs 3 - online lesson notes 0:13:07
Ecclesiastes 3 0:15:40
Ecclesiastes 9 0:08:02
Isaiah 29 0:08:45
Matthew 11 - online lesson notes 0:10:54
Matthew 25 0:20:42
Mark 2 0:16:28
Mark 7 0:15:06
John 7 and 9 0:07:52
John 9 - "Seeing is believing" 0:17:18
John 17 "Christ in Us" 0:13:35
Acts 16 0:13:25
Romans 12:1-8 0:31:26
Romans 13:8-14 0:13:06
Carelinks Conference, Kendal UK, May 2007

MP3 recordings of missionary talks and Bible expositions. >>>

Missionary Motivations 1:04:48
The Body 0:26:13
Helping People Help Themselves 0:43:29
The 1st Century Church ... 0:41:23
The 1st Century Church ... 0:51:10
The Alternatives 0:37:06
Exhortation: The Example of Paul 0:32:49
Positive Preaching In Today's World 0:44:07
Carelinks Conference, Hurstville AU, July 2007

MP3 recordings of missionary talks and Bible expositions. >>>

President's Summary 0:03:26
Reflections on Well-known Hymns 0:06:18
Reflections on well known hymns, II 0:05:32
Being Jesus 0:05:20
Christ Centred Teaching 0:11:28
Sharing Grace - Reality 1 or Reality 2 0:09:57
Missionary Motivations 0:11:08
Bringing others to Christ 0:04:32
Other Studies
by Duncan Heaster
The Meaning of the Breaking of Bread 0:30:11
Conversion 0:36:41