Gospel News · September - December 2017

DZALEKA REFUGEE CAMP | ... continued ~
The Ecclesia of Dzaleka has made their
request to you to help us with Bibles, books of
songs and Misingi ya Biblia in Swahili versions.
Here in Dzaleka, Bibles are sold at 12000
Malawi Kwacha, which is around 20 USD.
These Bibles originated from Tanzania.
I am pleased to say our church is making good
progress, without any problems. We number
67 in total. There are 31 adults, among whom
24 are baptised and seven are following
baptism sessions. The number of children is
36. But we have the problem to face of the
food crisis. It is now 3 months since we
received any food, and we have no hope of
getting any within these few coming days.
Children and pregnant women are suffering a
lot due to lack of food, hence your help is of
great importance to us.
KASUNGU | Bro Harmony
Thank you very much for passing on to me
your student who is at the baptism stage in
my area. I have contacted him and after
further instruction am arranging for his
baptism at Mzima, God willing. The 180 book-
lets you sent on “When Will Jesus Return to
the Earth?” has encouraged and strengthened
Brethren and Sisters. Others are shocked at
the message which is not taught in the
churches, but are reluctant to resign from
their churches and join us.
In the centre is Peter who is about to be
baptised with Bro Harmony on his left
News from Nigeria
ENUGA | Bro Goddy Nwasu
Many people from different Ecclesias came to
the CYC Meeting at Asaba-Delto State, with
their own activities. There was very heavy rain
for the first day when we began, yet people
defied the heavy downpour, coming from all
directions of the country to unite with their
beloved Brethren and Sisters whom they
longed to see.
There were also at the time despairing crises
in Nigeria, together with an economic reces-
sion, yet our Brethren did not regard them.
They attended the gathering with happiness,
in order to worship together with others. The
topic was “Walk Together.” In fact it was a
joyful gathering: seven people were baptised
from different Ecclesias. The names of the
newly baptised are Igwodala Glory; Oubiebo
Meshaeh,; Itak Udoh; Grace Owoseni; Chigozie
Chisom; Godswill Uche Ndukwe; and Owuo
Gba-Prosper Adaeze.
I use this media to thank our overseas brethren
for their immense support of the gathering,
especially Bro Daffyd Jenkins and Bro Philip
Orah who were with us for the full time. We
also thank the hosting Ecclesia.
Bro Emma Ndukwe received his Bible Basics.
Could you please send some of these maga-
zines to Bro Clement Ugwu and Bro David UD.
The distribution of “When will Jesus return to
the earth?” is a booklet of the moment as
people here are worrying about our country’s
troubles everyday, they are of course a fulfil-
ment of the signs of the times. Many are
unable to have more than one meal a day.
MBAISE | Bro Blessing Nwigwe
We are certainly living in the last days, waiting
and praying for the return of our Lord Jesus
back to the earth.
Many of the people in my ecclesia wish to
thank you for the “Gospel News”, which helps
them to know more of the gospel message and
understand the Word of God. I would like to
receive more books from you for my reading,
and for sharing during public preaching.