Gospel News · September - December 2017

News from Malawi
I am very happy to write to you and tell you
about the continuation of the Ecclesia of
Dzaleka. We all greet you in the name of Jesus
It is my sincere hope that you still remember
that when Brother Ikola Bernard was still here
in Dzaleka Refugee Camp we were two distinct
groups under the same church. But when
brother Bernard was resettled to the United
States of America, I and the other group met,
prayed to God and reached a very important
step of forgiving each other and forgetting
what had happened in the past. Therefore, we
are united and we are very
happy. For assurance from
your side, we have enclosed
two photos for you, of
members standing in front
of the Ecclesia of Dzaleka -
brothers, sisters and the
children of the Sunday
When we were united, we
had new church members,
among whom some brothers
and sisters went to the
extent of becoming baptised.
Those who accepted the
gospel of good news were six
in total, and we took them to
Salima in Lake Malawi for baptism, after
getting an assistance of 50 USD from Brother
Bernard, and this, with an added 60 USD for
trip expenditures (hiring a car and food)
helped to make the trip successful. The trip
and baptisms took place, by the grace of our
Almighty God, on 20th July 2016, and we have
enclosed a photo showing the new baptised
church members for your assurance (pictured
below). At this point, seven more people are
taking baptism lessons and this makes us feel
very happy for the prospect of having new
born again members in Jesus Christ.
~ continued ...
The Ecclesia at Dzaleka Refugee Camp