Gospel News · September - December 2017

OHAFIA | Bro Gaius Egwu
Nigeria is now in the grip of a terrible
economic crisis; that is a sign of the Lord’s
coming. Garri, which is our common food, was
sold at 12 cups for 100 (Naira) up to 2015, and
is now today sold at one cup for 100 Naira. In
addition, many of the workers are owed six to
nine months’ salary – everything is in turmoil.
The picture I enclose was taken during the
wedding of our Sister and Brother Aloy, from
Olokoro Kwuano Ecclesia, to Sister Janet Kalu
of Ohafia Ecclesia. Dressed in the white suit is
the husband, Bro Aloy, standing to the left is
Bro Ibeka Thoms and Bro Joseph, both of Aba
Ecclesia, whilst on the right, after a brother,
is myself with my beloved Sister wife, Ngozi
I still require more copies of “When will Jesus
Return to the Earth?” with other materials,
God willing, as well as, if possible, three
Bibles, even already used ones would be
News from Rwanda
| Omar B Ndamutsa
I am writing to thank you for Gospel News
material that I have been receiving since I
had contact with Christadelphians. These
booklets help in witnessing to friends and
Today I am more than happy to be holding
in my hands “When Will Jesus Return to the
Earth?” I have well read the booklet and
have found it a real eye-opener. I am going
to study it so that I will be equipped enough
to witness.
News from
Tanzania | MUSOMA
Bro Joseph and Sis Monica have been actively
studying together the new NEV Bibles.
Sis Monica proudly holding up her treasured copy.