Gospel News · January - April 2015

UMUAHIA | Bro Chika Onyer
... continued ~
In all situations let us hold firm to our faith
and never be like a boxer who wasted his
punches and later be disqualified.
Bro Chika Onyer
News from South Africa
The outreach work continues with our
members seemingly to be continuously
blessed. With the final Crèche course for the
year over, we are encouraged that many of
the Crèche course attendees have also signed
up and are completing the ‘God’s Master
Plan’ Bible course and attend the lunchtime
Bible class at the Aphiwe Good News Centre.
The course has become so popular that the
Sister team have started another running in
Eden Park. Waiting lists are filling up quickly!
Another of Adam’s race took to the waters of
baptism on October 7. This time it was Shawn
Ntekele, a friend of our Bro Lucky, but also a
friend of us all in that he has been attending
the meeting for more than a year and already
felt part of the family. He was delighted to be
born again and sat in the pool afterwards
savouring the moment while we sang the
whole of ‘To God be the Glory’. Life for young
adults in particular, has many temptations
and challenges so we pray Bro Shawn keeps
strong in faith on the narrow road to the
Kingdom. Bro Barry Van Heerden’s Bible Class
turned into a baptismal talk and then a Bible
Our interactive seminars continue every
Saturday, students really enjoying being
involved. Three students who have been with
us for most of last year have requested to be
baptised, so they are preparing, God willing,
to take that vital step next month. Also Bro
and Sis Jimmy and Synthia Matekane’s
daughter and Okkie, Sis Thato Tshikumbana’s
husband, are preparing for baptism. We
rejoice at the prospect of these additions to
our Soweto family like an expectant mother!
Long distance outreach preaching and
pastoral trips this month, have continued.
Bre Daniel Makhado and Austen Mataka to
Limpopo, Bro Lucky Sekhasembe spread his
wings and joined Bro Gary Smith (Yeoville) to
go to Maputo, Bro Paul and Sis Leonie with
Bro Emmanuel Mphambo went to Gaborone.
It was a pleasure to see the new brothers in
Gaborone so active and enthusiastic. Bro
Emmanuel did the seminar on, “Do we need
prophets today?” Five pastors from Palapye
(280kms away) made the effort to attend and
check out this insolent challenge. Some
common ground was finally found but need-
less to say it was a hotly debated topic and
we applaud Bro Emmanuel for keeping his
cool throughout! We were able to disagree
without being disagreeable! They were
willing to take our literature and Introduction
to Bible Basics, seemingly keen to, at least,
study. The attendance was very good with 25
in all.