Gospel News · January - April 2015

MBAISE | Bro Blessing Nwigiwe
There is too much trouble going on around
the world like terrorism, earthquakes,
rumours of war and crisis, spreading of
diseases like past years AIDS now we have
heard of another one, “Ebola”. These
diseases seem to be incurable.
We are living in the last days, waiting for
our Lord’s return. We in Mbaise ecclesia
remember you in our prayers and I myself
as well. Two weeks ago I was wounded in
my leg so that I cannot walk or move out
without a stick so try to remember me
please. You know I have no help except UK
OHAFIA | Bro Uka Egwu
We are reaching the end of time; many
events are happening in the world today
which speak of the coming of our Lord, and
the glories of His reign. Even as I write now
the next hours are unknown. But Daniel long
ago in advance warned all his followers of a
time like this a time of trouble (Daniel
ch.12) when the kingdoms of this world will
become the Kingdom of God.
The world is under fear but can only be saved
with Jesus coming back to the earth. Human
government has fallen, all the world is hit by
terrorism, war and hardship. Please brothers
and sisters, knowing the time, that now it is
high time to awake out of sleep: for now is
our salvation nearer than when we first
believed (Romans 13:11-14). The world is
What does our love in God look like?
Many times some claim that they have the
love of God, even to their fellow brethren.
Yes, indeed, Judas claimed more than that,
he even wanted to share the same dish with
Jesus, (Matthew 26:23).
In the story of Orpah and Ruth, their mother-
in-law Naomi explained her situation and
sinking so fast into its end, we rejoice
although the grief and sorrow which fills it
makes us long for Him who will rid the earth
of every curse shortly. How we long for Him.
(I was hospitalised from last month but I am
alright today). I thank God so much because
the problem was acute and much thanks to
C.B.M. Nigeria (Aba) for all their care to me
and my family.
UMUAHIA | Bro Chika Onyer
Orpah failed to wish to go with her but Ruth
was strong in her support and said “Never ask
me to leave you, because where you die, I
will die and there will I be buried” (Ruth
1:16-17). I remember what happened to
Christ and his disciples. John 6:66-67. In my
view I can say that Ruth saw the situation of
her mother-in-law’s loneliness and old age
and that she wanted to be able to provide for
her daily food and comfort. ~ continued ...
Bro Uka showing Bible Basics to a friend during
the time of house-to-house preaching at Ohafia