Gospel News · January - April 2015

News from Mauritius
The Mauritius ecclesia witnessing the baptism of Bro Kevin Arekion
News from Nigeria
Bro Igani U Eteng
I thank you very much for
the book you sent me and
the answer you gave to
my questions. The book
“Teach me Thy Way” is
very good. Please, if
possible, let me have
some more preaching
books. I am now alone in
my town and I have tried
to form a group but it is
very difficult.
ENUGU | Bro Goddy Nwosu
In the Hope of Israel we all share, how are
you? This is the picture I promised to send of
people who were baptized (as above). From
16th-30th November five were baptised – Bro
Chinoso Ugwunta, Bro Udo Chukwudi, Sis
Patience Ezeala, Sis Nineka Uzoigwe, Sis
Chisomu Nniasi. We pray for God’s mercy to
guide them toward His Kingdom and pray for
those who never take the decision to change
their mind because time is very short.
For your information, we are in trouble this
time. Our Government has given an order
that no church should worship at a
Government School. We have been 24 years
in that school and are in confusion as to
getting another place; it is not easy for us as
rents have become very costly. Since the
announcement I have not been able to rest in
mind or sleep. If we get another place I will
let you know but we need everyone to pray
for us at this time of trial. Prayer helps a lot.
Thanks to you all in Jesus’ Name. By grace.
ENUGU | Brethren and Sisters baptised in November