Gospel News · January - April 2015

The Gospel News magazine has been very
helpful not only to me but also to other
brothers and sisters in Yatta Ecclesia, to
which if possible you can be sending some
extra copies to meet the big demand in the
ecclesia. I also very much appreciate the
Bibles and copies of Bible Basics you have
been sending to me to supply to others. This
has been a very big boost to all who had a
copy of these. I want to tell you that now
there is a big demand for Bible Basics and
Bibles not only in our ecclesia but in the
area around. God is great, for the outcome
of this supply was in February this year
YATTA | Bro Lazarus Kingoo
when we were blessed with 13 new converts
via the true baptism. At the moment we are
preparing almost the same number – most of
them being youth, for baptism. Remember
this is only in Yatta ecclesia, but in ecclesias
in other areas we also have new converts.
So this confirms that what you are doing has
an impact.
I have opportunities to visit many ecclesias
on different ecclesial occasions and am
praying for a digital camera to capture all
activities that I can share with other Gospel
News readers.
News from Malawi
NKANDA | Bro Lyton John
Through the Holy Spirit acting upon her, Mary
was able to conceive Jesus without inter-
course with a man. Thus Joseph was not the
father of Jesus. It must be understood that
the Holy Spirit is not a person. Jesus is the
Son of God, not the son of the Holy Spirit.
Through God’s use of His spirit power upon
Mary therefore that holy thing which was
born of her was called the Son of God (Luke
1:35). The use of the word therefore implies
that without the Holy Spirit acting upon the
womb of Mary, Jesus the Son of God could not
have come into existence.
The supremacy of Christ and his fundamental
importance to God is difficult to comprehend
fully. It is therefore true to say that Christ
existed in God’s purpose from the beginning,
although he only came into actual existence
physically through his birth of Mary. He was
not an angel (Hebrews 1:4-7), and in his
mortal life he was less than an angel
(Hebrews 2:7). After his resurrection, he was
exalted to far greater honour than angels. 1
Peter 1:20 sums up the position: “Christ was
foreordained before the foundation of the
world but was manifest in these last times
for you”.
Nkanda Sunday School
Above left: Sis Aida Kalungama