Gospel News · January - April 2015

There is a point here I want to bring home.
Yesterday I asked my daughter to pray and
after the prayer she began to recite the
GRACE, which is not bad, but it compelled me
to tell her that we are different from other
churches because their children go to schools
managed by missionaries from other denomi-
nations and if we don’t tell them the truth we
might end up without future sisters and
brothers in our ecclesias. In fact, these
churches believe that their god only provides
the good and the bad comes from another
cosmic being they call Satan. I have used the
small letter “g” because I know that
“Yahweh” has no other rival as is categori-
cally stated in Isaiah 45:1-5 and 1 Sam.2:8-9.
Christadelphians are unique and we ought to
let these little fellows toe the line. We are
unique. May the grace of our Lord Jesus
Christ and the Love of God and the
Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you now
and for evermore.
One of the highlights of my work
as a college director in my
Tailoring School is commence-
ment. While my candidates
worked for the government Trade
Test I was excited by the thought
that our graduates were ready to
go out and implement their skills
to the people nearby, as some do
attain the knowledge of the Bible
about things concerning the
Kingdom of God and the Name of
Jesus, Our Saviour. On the way to
the Examination Centre I noticed
some industrious ants busily
going about their routine and I
thought, “There are much greater things
happening than the building of sand piles.”
It is easy for us to get lost in ant world – to be
so busy with our routines that we miss the joy
TONGAREN | Bro Isaac Kapa
of personally embracing the bigger picture of
God’s great work around the world. The work
of CHRISTADELPHIANS is to preach the Good
News concerning the Kingdom of God on
earth throughout the world. Paul reports that
“Demas has forsaken me, having
loved this present world.” 2
Timothy 4:10. I wonder if Demas
regretted abandoning the Gospel
for the ‘piles’ of this world?
Let’s get out of ‘ant world’ and
engage our hearts and lives in
spreading the gospel of the
coming Kingdom. Don’t let
smaller things distract you from
the bigger work of God around
the world. God bless you.
Bro Isaac Kapa, the Ecclesial elder with those
attending the Bible School held in April 2014
Tongaren Tailoring School graduates who are now working
in their enterprises to earn their living
SUNA MIGORI | Bro Joseph Onyango
... continued ~