Gospel News · January - April 2015

NATIRI | Bro Masongo Harron
I am grateful to be able to write to you
again and our postal address is now P.O.Box
42-50211 Natiri, and this is also for the use
for the ecclesia.
I have been ill with a kidney disorder which
has brought down my strength. I could not
work, least of all properly. I have been
using over the counter medicines but
seeing no improvement. I have been bed-
ridden for four months and trying to
survive as the days passed has been
through prayer. I could have gone to
hospital but the amount of money they
recommended for treatment was more
than the family could raise.
I am grateful that now I can do something
although my energy is not back yet. It is in
the Lord’s mercy that I am alive today and
I try to give myself hope of tomorrow. I see
the way Job was tempted in my life too but
God is great. These have been some of the
challenges that have been facing me
SUNA MIGORI | Bro Joseph Onyango
It is true that God is searching for men and
women to come to the Truth. The search
reaches its climax when they meet at the
waters of baptism. The Christian’s journey to
the Kingdom starts at baptism. From Bible
history the walk has never been without
obstacles even for the patriarchs, prophets
and apostles who preceded us. Remember
Joseph, Moses and Paul just to name a few.
Their lives were clouded with obstacles
which they overcame simply because the God
of Israel was their stronghold. Let me ask a
question – where are our strongholds today?
Is it in our wallets, jobs, family members,
ecclesias, political parties? Where do we get
our refuge when the winds blow? John 17:3
“And this is everlasting life, that they should
know you, the only true God and Him whom
you sent, Jesus Christ.”
In my house we usually take turns in prayers
every night. Sometimes it is my wife, Sis
Lucy, sometimes the children, Kevin,
Jaqueline, Marvin respectively. And, of
course, myself, the father, I take the lead
most times. ~ continued ...
Migwena Ecclesia, Kenya