Gospel News · January - April 2015

NDHIWA | Bro Allan
We have different gifts in our churches
(Eph.4:11-12) and you and I may feel more
regarded than others, but it comes to
remembering our sins – the body and blood of
our Lord Jesus. The apostle Paul reminds us
to always humble ourselves and feel the least
and most unworthy of us all because we have
all sinned. 1 Cor.15:9 – “For I am the least of
the apostles, unworthy to be called an
apostle because I persecuted the church.”
Brothers and sisters, the gifts given to us by
God are meant to help us to attain the unity
of the faith that we attained at our baptism
(Eph.4:13) with an ultimate aim to help the
church grow itself in love. (Eph.4:16).
You and I need to be humbled before one
another today. It only means that we shall for
ever in the Kingdom be humbled before our
Taken at Youth Conference with two brothers seated from
Kakuma Refugee Camp Ecclesia. Bro Allan is standing.
NAKURU | Bro Wanga Samuel
There was a time when my tutor, Sis Yvonne
Salisbury of Stroud, U.K. sent for me three
pairs of socks made in the U.K. Imagine, it
took 5 years to wear out the last pair! The
ones available here are from China and
cheap but don’t last. Please send me a few
pairs if possible. I will let you know when
my visa is ready from the Australian
Embassy, Nairobi. I still need a few copies of
the Bible in Leo, Luhya, French and
Kiswahili. You know, most of our members in
rural parts of Kenya are elderly and they
understand their mother tongues best.
On 29th July I took a 12 hrs drive from
Nakuru to Mombasa on gospel mission, I
spent a week with Bros and Sis in the
coastal region of Kenya, then on 3rd August
broke bread with the Likoni ecclesia. We
had a very good time and we felt the pres-
ence of the Almighty within us. The area has
more than 100 ecclesia’s, they lack Bibles
and other gospel books, I promised to send
more as I ran out of Bibles and tracts.
Bro Wanga’s daughter with her
last born baby Jeremy