Gospel News · January - April 2019

Thank you for the three boxes of Bibles that
arrived this week. We are hoping for a good
response from our advertisement in the Diary
which comes out next month. There has been
quite a good take up of the Bibles both
Wednesday and Sunday, when the hall is open
for a car boot sale.
* * * *
Note: After much effort they have been
allowed to display our Bibles and other books
on a literature table in some of Dorset’s
Churches (pictured right), in addition to the
regular display in the market. MH
DORCHESTER | Bro Peter Woodall
News from United Kingdom
KAPIRI-MPOSHI | Bro Chosa Osting
News from Zambia
With much sadness Bro Osting reports the
falling asleep of our aged Brother Austin
Mwaka, who suffered much from eye problems
and then some nasty heart problems for which
sadly finance was not available for an urgent
operation. He and his wife Sister Mwangala
had to travel a long way to the meeting to
which they were very committed over the
years. We express our comfort and condolence
to our Sister in this sad loss until Jesus comes.
Top left | Bro Costa Kanembe preparing
for the long journey to examine
an advanced student, Oliver Munsanje
Below left | Bro Oliver Munsanje
Below |The home of Bro and Sis Austin Mwaka