Gospel News · January - April 2015

“Come out and be separate”
| Bro Neil Todd (New Zealand)
he ultimate and only purpose of God in
creation is to build up a family that would
become, “Like Himself” in every way, in char-
acter, nature and performance. We gain this
insight, initially, from Genesis 1:26-27. It is a
consistent understanding in Scripture.
All the other endeavours of our God, the Lord
Jesus and of the Ecclesia of God, are to
enhance and forward this Divine objective.
The primary reason then, for our existence at
all, is for God’s glory. Hallelujah!
The term ‘separate’ is often used in our
western ecclesial community to identify any
of the many worldly activities, pleasures or
pursuits that are not compatible or consistent
with the NEW Life in Christ. This presented to
me, as a young brother, a mostly negative
outlook on living the Truth. Christadelphians
were to stand apart from many things. This
may well be true, BUT there is another and
wonderfully positive side to, and reason for
We are not just separated from the world –
but separated to and for God!
The term ‘Ecclesia’ we like to use, actually
carries this very concept. It defines a
gracious and undeserved invitation to, “Come
to the Father through Jesus, His Son,” and to
form an integrated part of the very family of
God Himself - to take on His Name. This is a
great honour extended to ‘all flesh’ (every
human being) that should choose to respond
to His great love. At the first, this call was
extended to the descendants of Abraham’s
natural family, but is now expanded to
embrace the worldwide spiritual family in
Christ - taken out from every nation. The
Power of God (Elohim) is behind this purpose-
filled work of the LORD (Yahweh).
The Pharisees of Jesus’ day were termed
‘separated ones’ and basked in the glory of
men, assuming a self-generated status and a
role reserved for the true sons and daughters
of the Living God. They were very mistaken.
Let us see the proper role for separateness in
joyfully responding to the call of the Gospel.
They stood apart from the misery and needs
of the nation whereas our Lord entered into
and engaged fully with every human weak-
ness and wonderfully fulfilled the needs of
many. He is still doing just this – and more!
Jesus of Nazareth, then, is our ever-living
To follow Jesus is to be fully dedicated to His
service as Gospel preachers, teachers of the
truth, helpers in the ecclesia, servants to all,
in every way possible that will glorify ‘our
Heavenly Father’ in the eyes of the world.
What a lofty ideal to strive for!
Time for the unproductive, unsatisfying and
worldly life we see around us to be ‘swal-
lowed up’ and re-directed into faithful
activity. This is ‘living for the Lord’ as distinct
from living for self.
There is another beneficial aspect to this
change. Physical and mental health, simple,
personal well-being is often an attendant
outcome, I believe this to be so, for many
Following Jesus then is not about what,
“Christians can't do,” but much more about
what active believers in Jesus are doing!
is Annet Malonka suggested to Sis
Beatrice Milimo that she organized a
meeting for the widows to get together.
Sis Annet emphasized that those now
without husbands, should feel they have
a husband in Christ, who is coming soon
and will live together for ever with
* * *
Widows in Christ
| Turbo, Kenya