Gospel News · January - April 2015

“But that we write to them that they abstain
from pollutions of idols, from sexual
immorality, from things strangled and from
blood.” So the Apostle Paul shows us the good
way that we can follow in order to get life for
ever when Jesus comes back to the earth.
And then Romans 16:25-26 says, “Now to Him
who is able to establish you according to my
gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ,
according to the revelation of the mystery
which was kept secret since the world
... continued ~
News from ZAMBIA
CHINSALI | Bro Edward Choko
Let us work for the Kingdom of God, not
for the things of the world. Let us fight for
eternal life in the Kingdom of God by living
and preaching the good news to all people
Luke 4:43, “Blessed are you when men
hate you because of the Son of Man, Christ
Jesus” – Luke 6:20-23. Be spiritually rich in
the eyes of God. Jesus said that God has
given to you the secrets of the Kingdom of
God – Luke 8:10.
We will be in the Kingdom if we are doing
good things for God – Read Luke 12:31-32.
“I tell you the truth, whoever has left
home or wife or brother or parents or
children for the sake of the Kingdom of
God will receive it.” Luke 18:29-30. Let
everybody follow Jesus Christ as did the
disciples, Simon Peter, James and John.
KABOMPO | Bro Reuben Kaambeu
I am informing you that I have retired from
secular employment. For my retirement I
have re-settled at my Lelavana Farm situated
at Malolwa, about 45 kilometres north-west
of Kabompo.
I have a Bible student who has keen interest
in studying the things concerning God, Jesus
Christ and the Kingdom of God. I have some
Bible students who would like to have copies
of the New European version of the Bible.
Due to the high cost of postage I do not know
if you are able to send me ten Bibles for I
have opened a new preaching point at the
Lelavana Farm this year and the attendance
on Sundays in the evenings is very encour-
aging and the people want to be using the
New European Version of the Holy Bible
instead of other versions during the Bible
study but the copies I have are not enough to
cater for all those who read and understand
the English language, especially those in the
Ministry of Agriculture and the teachers in
the community. You may also know that I
have chosen to lead a quiet life on the farm
away from town life in Kabompo town so that
I can concentrate on preaching the Word of
God (the Gospel of the Kingdom of God) to
the poor in the rural villages of the
neighbourhood of my farm.
KAPIRI MPOSHI | Bro Chisosa Ostine
I was thrilled to receive the “Teach Me Thy
Way” booklet, which I have great interest in
and if possible would like some more copies
to help in the preaching work.
KASAMA | Bro Joshua Mushili
The NEV Bible project is a success in that
many brothers and sisters have benefitted
in understanding the Holy oracles better
than before during their Bible Study, you
can tell the way that brethren explain
various scriptures so perfectly. Most of our
students are still on the 40 lesson corre-
spondence course. I am confident we are
on the right path brother. We started
preaching in the northern Provinces of
Zambia recently and we have over 20 very
interested friends. You can be impressed
to see how the Truth is spreading in this
area and if available we need 15 copies of
the N.E.V.