Gospel News · January - April 2015

CENTRE SPECIAL | Soweto News June/July 2014
| Sis Leonie Verster
e are delighted to start our news with
the baptism of Vusi Tshabalala. Bro Vusi
has been a student since 2010 having heard
about us in the newspaper. He has to work
over weekends so before our Tuesday Bible
Class he was baptized in the bath in Bro John
Shezi’s flat and after that we broke bread
together in our classroom and he was given
the right hand of fellowship. We rejoice as
we welcome another brother into God’s
precious family.
June was a busy month on the outreach
preaching and pastoral front. Bro Ollie
Mahopo went to visit the brothers in
Kroonstad, followed a few weeks later by Bre
Paul Verster and Emmanuel Mphambo. Bre
Daniel Makhado and Austen Mataka went to
Limpopo to encourage Bro Charlie Golele and
visit students. Bro Paul and Sis Leonie Verster
visited the Maputo ecclesia with Bro Gary
Smith of Yeoville who gave a very good
seminar on the Saturday afternoon and which
was very ably translated into Portuguese by
local Bro Eugenio. It was a special treat for
Paul and Leonie to visit, after a gap of 12,
years, and meet the new members. It is so
encouraging that many brothers are keen and
able to take on these preaching activities and
come back excited and even more fired up to
share the gospel. Much to our surprise and
delight we witnessed another baptism
despite the day dawning at minus 5 degrees.
Sis Kim Buthelezi, however, was resolute in
her desire to be immersed in our portable
pool at the school. We rejoice with the angels
that another young person is remembering
her Creator in the days of her youth and has
committed to a purposeful life in Christ with
the amazing hope of the Kingdom before her.
She heard of the truth from Bro Lucky
Sekhasembe while both were attending a
school to improve their Matric results. Sis Kim
asked Bro Lucky to help her with her Maths
and was intrigued when Lucky offered a
prayer before starting the lesson. Our prayers
are that both Bro Vusi and Sis Kim grow in
grace and remain steadfast till our Lord
~ continued ...
Sister Kim’s baptism