Gospel News · January - April 2015

irst of all, I thank Almighty God for giving
me this opportunity to send this news.
Secondly, I thank the CAT for the great work
it has been doing for so long. We have
received English and French NEV Bibles, but
we still need Swahili Bibles as new members
join our ecclesia. We also received copies of
‘The Real Devil’ and
‘The Real Christ’ plus
discs – but we have no
electricity in the
We thank CBM for
what they have done to support the building
of our new meeting hall. We are very happy
to announce that we have baptised three new
sisters: Emerance Mulumba, Jacqueline
Asende and Maombi Ali.
We also have a good number of students who
have decided to follow our beliefs. Many
come from Pentecostal churches who believe
that when somebody dies they go straight to
heaven, they also believe the devil (Satan)
has supernatural powers to deceive the
“Therefore go into the world and make
disciples of all nations, baptizing them in
the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit”
(Matthew 28:19). God wants all people to be
saved through believing in Jesus Christ as
their personal Saviour.
The effort that CAT
put into trying to
make sure the gospel
reaches every corner
of the world is very
great, and gives us
strength and courage
to continue speaking to many people from
many different beliefs and languages in
Tongogare Refugee Camp.
Last year we had Sis Ruth and Bro Steve
Moore at our ecclesia and we had a goodly
number of 85 listening to the preaching. The
day was awesome and many people have
started making a decision to follow what the
Bible actually teaches, not what man
teaches. We believe that many will come to
our ecclesia to learn more and accept the
true gospel.
Tongogara Refugee Camp Ecclesia
| Bro Patrick Simbo (Tongogara, Zimbabwe)
In the refugee camp we started with three
brothers and one sister, and now have
nineteen baptized members and still
Members of Tongogare Refugee Camp Ecclesia