Gospel News · January - April 2015

We, Too, Can Be a Chosen People
| Bro Joseph Mulawo (Muzoka, Zambia)
oses spoke to the people of Israel: “The
Lord your God has chosen you to be a
people for His own possession out of all the
peoples that are on the face of the earth,
not because you are more in number than
any other people” (Deuteronomy 7:6). He
reminded them that numbers have never
mattered to God, but quality is more impor-
tant than quantity. “It is because the Lord
loves you and is keeping the oath which He
swore to your fathers!” (v 8).
Israel, a choice nation
The idea that God has a special relationship
with the nation of Israel does not go down
well even today. Why should God choose one
nation out of the many that fill the globe?
What is so special about that tiny strip of
land between the continents, for which God
seems to have such a deep regard and love?
The answer is very simple. It is because God
is the Creator and we view God’s work from
a very short time span compared with the
eternity through which He operates. We must
always be prepared to wait for a very long
time if we want to know why God does things
in a certain way.
God designs His work (creation)
If we look through the Bible, then we shall
see from God’s point of view and see what
has been happening in the 4,000 years before
Christ. Let us read the book of Romans where
Paul says: “The Jews were beloved for the
sake of their forefathers. Did God reject his
people? By no means!” (Romans 11:1, 28-36).
In summary
Now, brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ,
let us look and read the following events for
us to be very sure that we, too, can be a
chosen people like the children of Israel:
1. Abraham, the father of all nations:
Genesis 15:7-8
The twelve tribes from Jacob:
Genesis 12:7
The blessings and cursings:
Deuteronomy 28: 1-14
The son of David: Luke 20:13-15
The purpose of God in His Son,
Jesus Christ: Isaiah 53:3; Acts 2:23
Has God rejected His people?:
Romans 11:2-5
The return of Israel to their land:
Deuteronomy 30:1-5; Ezekiel 36:24-26
The future outlook: Malachi 4:1
The transformed wilderness:
Isaiah 65:22; Psalm 72:16
10. The coming Kingdom of God:
2 Timothy 4:8
Bro Joseph Mulawo