Gospel News · May - August 2014

here are times when surely, like me, you
have caught yourself doing or thinking so
deeply wrongly - when just minutes before,
you were reading Holy Scripture. And of
course, we?ve seen this happen so often in
others - that?s always so much easier to see.
There?s a split between Bible study, and the
real issues of life. And it?s that split I?d like to
explore, and suggest why it exists, and what
we might practically do about it.
This split between Bible study and practice is
often observable in the way that speakers or
pastoral figures will give expositions of
Scripture which leave it to the audience to
draw the practical lessons. The speaker or
leader somehow balks at that crucial point of
overflow between the theoretical and the
practical. This has bred the fair enough
observation by the cynical that ?I get nothing
out of church, it?s all just academic, mere
ideas, nothing practical?. One reaction
against this has been the talk on a purely
practical, ?life? level, which has no Biblical
underpinning. One man?s ideas about ?what
we ought to be doing? can be as good as any
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Volume 26 | No.2 | May ~ August 2014
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