Gospel News · September - December 2012

Gospel News — Sep-Dec 2012
Murangala and children when we do not have money for transport. I am praying hopefully, somehow, somewhere I will get the money to purchase a motorbike for easy movement.
--Bro. Austen Mwaka
We thank you very much for the interesting notes and literature which we received safely. The ecclesia is very happy and enjoying the New Testament Bibles and we are very grateful to you and God for them.
I enclose my photo standing on a rock heart of Maramba River which connects into the Victoria Falls. The river has plenty of fish and sometimes I go fishing there.
We are very sorry to report that Bro. Kenneth Mwenda fell asleep in the Lord a few months after his baptism and now awaits the day of resurrection. May the Lord continue to bless and care for you until Christ's return.
--Bro. Caphes Sikanyika
Bro. Caphes Sikanyika standing on a rock in the midst of the river.
I am very grateful for the endless support you have offered since the very day we knew each other. I appreciate it so very much and may God bless you today and always.
For the past two years I have been working as a watchman to raise money to enable me to go to a college, but it did not work out accordingly. However, I never hold my hands back and I then went to Mazabuka where I did Information Technology (I.T.) in computer short courses for two months and enclose the certificate I obtained. I would love somehow to advance to diploma level so that I can get a better job and contribute to my ecclesia and help my fellow youths to have knowledge in computers.
--Bro. Stephen Siamabi
Let us focus our attention on Israel and the Middle East. The land of Israel and their neighbours will be the beginning of the last troubles. It is our duty of course to warn people of what is coming into the world. We all know that the world is a bad place to live in because of so many horrible people who live in it. That is why we all long for Jesus' return. But before this happens there will be this destructive war with billions of people dying.
Before it is too late, let us stress how important it is to believe in Jesus and to be baptised in order to escape the terror that is awaiting the world. In my imperfect mind I often wonder why we have to wait so long. On Easter Day last month I prayed to Our Heavenly Father and asked why He delays His Son's return and then I realised that the Kingdom will come about the moment Israel turns to God. I must say that this all makes sense. Israel as a nation has not yet turned to God. As we know, Jews do not want to listen to Gentiles. This is why we have to wait for God alone to bring about the Kingdom.
While the Lord remains away let us encourage one another that God is the answer to world problems. I also look forward to this with a longing heart.