Gospel News · September - December 2012

Gospel News — Sep-Dec 2012
common people in Zambia. We pray for Jesus' return to establish His everlasting Kingdom.
I have received Bible Basics and the Bibles in European Version, with commentaries. These books are helping my spiritual growth in Christ Jesus, and this is helping me to teach other fellow students.
--Bro. Edward Mutale Choro
The number in my isolation group is growing and we lack materials. Because I have a Bible Class at Katendwa now the only problem I have is that we need more Bibles. I thank you with genuine anticipation. May the Lord continue blessing His work and please pray for me.
--Bro. Goodson Kafuna
We have enjoyed a most uplifting fraternal, they sang many hymns before the opening prayer by Bro David Kaluba. The readings Deut 22 and Song of Solomon 2 by Bros Brian and Martin. Humanity centres on caring and helping one another. Marriage violations are common because people are promiscuous. Our morals are corrupted due to leniency of the law. A case of rape is that of one who attacks and murders his neighbour. Bros Greenwell and Austin presented `What's worship. Why and how do we worship?' and `Seven sayings of Christ on the cross' in the 15mins scriptural presentations. Love one another, as Jesus loved us by dying for our sins. Therefore, love and worship God willingly. Despite not being accepted by many, those who witnessed Jesus' death testified he is the Son of God. Overcome whatever temptations.
--Bro Lapulani Malata
At Kabwe ecclesia we are really thankful for the Gospel News which you have continued to send to us, knowing that you have a very big God- given task in doing so. It is also our hope that we shall constructively contribute to the magazine. Please continue putting in every effort for the continued production. The magazine is very encouraging as we get news from other parts of the world which gives us a sense of belonging.
Recently we learnt that you have sent a new version of Wrested Scriptures. It is our hope that this will help us in our Outreach in the wake of false doctrines being taught ceaselessly on radio and television, making many believe these false teachings which are not Bible based. Please do send us any other literature which might help us understand the Scriptures better. May Yahweh Elohim be always willing to make our work a success.
--Bro. Martin Mwape, Secretary and Bro. Sydney Kunda, Treasurer
I was delighted to have your letter and the enclosures. The times in which we live are so difficult to cope with without making a mistake.
The Bible assures us that ultimately all the world will know that He is the Lord (Ez.38:22- 23). That time could be very soon as we think of the wars, calamities and disasters all over the world which herald the return of Jesus.
--Bro. Wilfred Chibomba
Greetings in the Name of our Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for sending me gospel books, all of them are an eye-opener to the Word of God and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, adding value to salvation. I have really come to understand the Holy Bible New European version with commentary and Bible Reading Companion. It is really very easy and simple to understand to us since English is our second language. "The Real Devil" is another wonderful book. Being surrounded by so many churches so to speak, it is made easy because I have a small English dictionary that I always refer to in case I am not familiar with any word. Please never give up doing this noble task, as this is the only way we can always be in touch with each other.
At the age of 63 years, although I am an asthmatic and at times develop high blood pressure, CBM. bought me a new bicycle to enable me to meet my brothers and sisters for the emblems once a month. It is 28kms away, meaning 56kms return. The only ones who cannot make it are Sister