Gospel News · March - May 2012

Gospel News — Mar-May 2012
We are very pleased to report the baptisms of GERALD, DAMIEN & FATAH, MATTHIEU, SAMUEL, SANIBE, LUC , MARIANNE, SEWA, RUKI, MARIE, MIRIAME and JUA; may God keep them strong in the path to His Kingdom.
Thank you for continually praying for our ministry in Myanmar, please do constantly pray us. Thanks. Shalom.
--Bro. Suumpi
I must commend the recently improved Gospel News. May the Lord be with you and your team as you work in His vineyard. I would like to request a box of Bible Basics of say about 40 or more. I have a lot of contacts that are really interested in a certain place far from our meeting place. Please do include one or two edifying materials for a brother who has been in isolation for about two years now.
--Bro. Peter Ojike
Your decision to further print a complete Bible in addition to the already printed pocket New Testament is a very welcome development. May our good Lord help and strengthen you to accomplish this project.
There have been few baptisms in this ecclesia this year. Nowadays the few who are listening and accepting the gospel news are mainly young girls. The female groups outnumber the male in all church denominations of the world. They are the group that accept Christ's advice to "seek first the Kingdom of God, and all other things will be added to you". (Matt.6:33). The male young groups are more interested in those things of the flesh that lead to them forgetting their Maker.
A recently baptised Brother is very zealous in the things of the kingdom, and due to my declining weakness in studying and reading, I have passed most of my older books to him as he was asking how and where he can get Christadelphian books.
--Bro. James E. Ogbah
Bro. James Ogbah
I met Brother Goddy Nwosu and saw some pamphlets for preaching, printed in colours with different topics, which was handed to the people we preached to. Obviously, I am very much interested in these colourful pamphlets and would be pleased, if you can send some to me and a complete English Bible for my own use.
I sincerely thank you for a carton of the new testament Bible and other books you sent to Asa-Amator ecclesia. It has since been received and distributed to many interested friends.
--Gabriel Alaribe