Gospel News · January - April 2019

NALUWAMA | Bro Dick Phiri
This book the Bible NEV I have in my hand, it
is above all books. Jesus is about to come, let
us read the Bible and pray for our sins to be
forgiven. Read Romans chapter 6 verses 3 and
5. Please follow the Bible.
CHIPADZE | Bro Joseph Mucheri
News from Zimbabwe
The Creation Calendar is really helpful with
notes on readings and the amazing wonders
of God’s creation which encourages the
daily reading. I am on behalf of the Ecclesia
requesting you to produce it for future years
if the Lord remains away.
CHISAPE | Bro Lamiel Mazvaramhaka
The rains were more than enough giving us
enough to eat. Now more rains kill the maize,
because the rains now are more and rough.
Lightning is striking people around us. So far
more than five have been killed. We thank
God for everything as we all walk towards the
MAGUNGE | Bro Joseph Ndoromazasi
God is very merciful as Peter tells us: “The
Lord is not slack concerning His promises as
some men count slackness, but is long suffer-
ing to us not willing that any should perish,
but that all should come to repentance.”
2 Peter 3:9, African edition.
Brother Joseph, Sister Joyce and Lee Roy
e was born in the city of Regeneration
in the Parish of Repentance unto life,
was educated in the school of Perseverance,
works at the trade of Diligence, and
sometimes performs acts of Self-denial.
He is clothed in the plain garb of Humility,
and has a better suit to appear in at court,
called the robe of Christ’s Righteousness.
He breakfasts every morning on Spiritual
Prayer, and sups every evening on the same;
he has meat to eat which the world knows
nothing of, and his drink is the sincere
Milk of the Word. He has a large estate in
the country of Christian Contentment, and
his delightful mansion is called the House of
Prayer. His associates are the excellent of
the earth, such as those who excel in virtue
and piety. Where Truth inhabits there is he.
The Law of Kindness is written on his lips
and the dictates of Truth on his tongue.
His breast is fortified with the armour of
Christ’s Righteousness, and in his heart
there is no guile. Faith bears a shield before
him, while Mercy presides at his right hand,
and Justice at his left. Should darkness at
any time envelop his goings, God’s Law is a
lamp unto his paths, and none of his steps
shall slide. He has sin under his feet, the
world behind his back, grace in his heart.
Happy is the life of such and
happy is his death.
If you would be the same,
strive earnestly, work diligently,
pray fervently, persevere to the end,
live holily, die daily,
watch your heart, guard your senses,
redeem your time, love Christ.
“Mark the perfect man and behold the
upright, for the end of that man is peace.”
Psalm 37:37
| Sis Ruth Halton
The Happy Man