Gospel News · January - April 2019

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years, he got out at the first stop in Kiev,
which was on the very edge of this large city
of 3 million people. Thank the Lord for cell
Our brother first heard of the Bible from a
JW who came to the village and preached,
and then came across our material and left
Carelinks | United Kingdom / USA
n July we had a great weekend with
members of the Waterside ecclesia in
Bournemouth UK giving out New Testaments at
the beach, during an absolute heatwave.
We had lots of good conversations over two
days, with some people asking about meet-
ings. We got some good contacts whom we
hope will attend their meetings - their hall is
right on the sea front so that is a great attrac-
tion. If you live anywhere where there are
masses of people... do wear the ‘Free Bibles’
vests and engage with people, they’ll just
come up to you and ask you once they see the
vests. We left some vests with the ecclesia and
will get more New Testaments to them as they
want to repeat this. It’s a great way to actu-
ally engage with people.
involvement with them. In all the difficulties
and set backs on the day of his baptism, his
faith was sore tested that it is God, not a cos-
mic evil being, truly in control. We did the
baptism in a sauna with literally freezing
water. Please pray for him in his lonely, hard
and difficult life.
he response for calendars from the UK
prisons has been incredible. At least 10 of
those 50 contacted replied wanting significant
numbers. The chaplain of Gloucester Prison
phoned up wanting lots of them. He explained
that he works in a short sentence prison,
which releases about 200-250 prisoners per
month. He gives each released prisoner a
package when they leave and he would
like to put our calendar in the package.
The calendar includes a quite lengthy
statement of our beliefs and also offers
the NEV Bible. Other chaplains do the
same thing and have asked for signifi-
cant numbers likewise. Several hundred
calendars have been mailed out to the
chaplains. Calendars have also been
sent to prisons in New Zealand and
Australia. We seem to have hit a hole in
the market here; and prisoners leaving
prison having ended their sentence
would seem a really good group to
target, in our aim to take Jesus Christ
to secular, searching people in society. This is
a really exciting situation and possibility which
we seem to have ‘stumbled upon’, naturally
under Divine guidance and the desire of the
Lord Jesus to work with those who seek to
serve Him. So please do pray for a harvest.