Gospel News · January - April 2019

Carelinks | Australia ... continued
Bro Jafari outside. Sis Beatrice’s sister-in-law,
Christina, and brother, had come to visit them
from Sydney during that week and Christina
wanted to be baptised prior to returning to
Sydney on Sunday morning. Jafari said she
knew the truth and she wished to be baptised
and be able to meet with the Bros and Sisters
in an ecclesia in Sydney. Jafari's family has
print-out copies of preparing for baptism and
Q&A in both English and Swahili. That morning
Miri managed the stand by herself, from 8am
to 3pm, which left Phil and Jafari able to get
things ready for the baptism which was to
be in the afternoon between 3-6pm. It was
wonderful that Sis Katie, Sis Helena, Bro
Darryl came during this time. The baptism
was conducted in the presence of about eight
brothers and sisters followed by a memorial
meeting and giving Christina the right hand of
fellowship (as pictured).”
Carelinks | Canada
Bro George Kachmar is regularly out on the streets around the
Hamilton old bus station in Ontario offering counselling, NEV
Bibles, Bible Basics etc. to the homeless. Please get involved,
pray for Bro George and support him if you can.