Gospel News · January - April 2019

The Sincerity of Love ...continued
precepts of the Son of God to guide us. If a
strong and abiding sense of God’s love, and a
steady faith in His redemptive purpose, are
the foundation upon which our life is built,
there will be no danger of insincerity; we shall
not serve God with our eyes fixed upon the
opinions and censures of men; our public
actions will be a true reflection of our private
devotions. In short, we shall not love in word
and tongue but in deed and truth. The love of
God, which was manifested in every word and
action of our Master, will flow on deep, and
strong in our lives, and nothing will be able
to separate us from it, because in all the var-
ied circumstances of life we shall be “more
than conquerors through him that loved us.”
(Romans 8:37).
| Bro Melva Purkis
2 Samuel 7
“Desirest thou to build an house for me
Of quarried stones and wood of cedar tree,
When years amongst you tented I have been
And dwelt with you the cherubim between?”
Thus spake the Lord to David when he thought
To build God’s House with gold and silver fraught,
“Not thou”, said God, “but I will build for thee
A kingly house, a royal dynasty”.
“When thou art dead and resting in thy tomb
Thy greater Son I’ll send to fill thy room,
His Father I will be and he, My Son,
And thou shalt see him reign, My Holy One”.
So David saw with clear, prophetic eyes
The glorious Sun of Righteousness arise,
And knew that, when this greater Son should come,
He’d find with him an everlasting home.
he Lord is good, good in Himself
essentially and independently,
eternally and unchangeably. He is
good to His own people. Let us
praise Him as good in the most em-
phatic and unlimited sense: “There
is none good but One, that is, God”
(Matt. 19:17). He is “a stronghold in
the day of trouble” - The day of
trouble when the trial is special, and
the day of trouble which is tempo-
rary but yet long enough to last
through our life unless the Lord pre-
vent it: the day of trouble when
within, without, around, there seem
to be only care, and fear, and want,
and grief. Even in the midst of chaos
“God is good”. In our troubled day
it is comforting to be able to rely
on One Who never changes. We
place our trust in Him, and can do
no better; we can find no firmer
stronghold, no stronger foundation.
| Bro Claud Lamb
A Stronghold
Of Riches
cannot call riches better than the
baggage of virtue; the Roman word
is better - impedimenta; for as bag-
gage is to an army, so is riches to
virtue - it cannot be spared nor left
behind, but it hindereth the march;
yea, and the care of it sometimes
loseth or disturbeth the victory.
| Bro Francis Bacon
Thy Servant’s House