Gospel News · September - December 2017

PEMBA | Bro Joseph Mulawo
In our area I have a good number now of Bible
students who have shown keen interest in our
Bible Correspondence Course. I should thank
Bro Kelly Simayumbulwa who is assisting these
students with lessons accordingly.
I should also let you know that I must praise
and thank our Almighty God for giving us good
rains this season. If this continues like this to
the end of the season, then we hope to have
a good harvest.
Publishing and distributing Bibles and other
Bible reading materials is a very important
work, for it widens the knowledge about the
good news of the Kingdom of God, especially
here in Africa, where only a few people are
able to afford to buy a Bible.
In our country, Zambia, we mostly use English
as our official language. As such, English
Bibles, Bible Basics and other reading mate-
rials can indeed help. We are grateful for all
that is done to help with preaching the gospel
by this means.
News from Zimbabwe
CHIPINGE | Bro Farai Makandeni
Preaching here is going very well, as we had
ten students doing Shona lessons, of whom six
are from Ratelshoeck and the other four in
various areas within Chipinge district. We also
have seven students taking English lessons,
four of whom are also from this Estate.
The Word of God must be spread to all corners
of the world because the Bible brings the good
news of the Kingdom of God which will be set
up on the earth, and speaks of the forgiveness
of sins through our Lord Jesus Christ.
The message is found in both the Old and New
Testaments. Gen. 22:17,18, Daniel 2:44, also
Matt.4:23, 6:12-18, 24:14. Study of the Bible
is the only way to learn about God. It tells us
all we need to know about Him and what He
requires of us. God is the true author of the
Bible. We need to read it every day.
Bible prophecy is being fulfilled, and there are
many signs today to show that the coming of
Jesus is near. People are experiencing many
problems in the world today.
MAYUNJE | Bro Misheck Hondoma
Now I can write again to you and the
Advancement Trust for book supplies as the
bone in my right arm is healed. Without CAT
we would not have the books and literature
you send us. We need more as we need to
improve our knowledge of the Bible. This
year we have two new members: one brother
and one sister. We need copies of English
Bibles as without them we cannot go
preaching from door to door. In our area, the
Jehovah’s Witnesses are like ants. We write
and write to other people but nothing ever
comes, but we know that you send us books.
Bro Joseph Mulawo