Gospel News · September - December 2017

News from Kenya
ELDORET | Bro Nasongi Harron
I have developed a good foundation of the
Bible from studying ‘Introduction to Bible
Basics’ and want to move further forward.
Initially I picked up the book from a street
vendor and found it was not like any other
Christian book. When I first reached Study 4
on Death, I realised I was empty of hope as I
had no Bible knowledge on true Christianity.
Brothers, it takes heart to do such a good
work, to lead people to the right decision – to
take the direction which leads to the Kingdom
of God, that will be set up in this world with
our Lord Jesus Christ as our King.
We are grateful for the gospel material that
you have been sending to us. Please, brothers,
continue sending to us, for not only is this
material helping us, but it is also helping the
friends who are with us.
SINDO | Bro John Owalo Onani
Jesus Christ never wrote the New Testament,
but he empowered the apostles by the power
of the holy spirit to write it and to lay down
first century Christianity based upon the
prophets, apostles, Jesus Christ being the
chief corner stone (Ephesians 2:20).
Today, I would like to talk about God’s
covenant with Abraham (Genesis chapters 12
to 50). Yahweh, God of Israel, through the
promises to the heroes of faith, revealed the
key to understand the Bible based upon under-
standing the knowledge of the Father and His
son Jesus Christ. The root cause originated in
the book of Genesis chapter 3 when Adam
listened to and obeyed the voice of his wife
Eve, instead of listening to and obeying the
voice of Yahweh God of Israel. In Genesis 11,
people decided to build a tower to heaven and
God turned away the thoughts in their minds
to misunderstand, and brought on confusion
and their plan was stopped. Then God made
His covenant with Abraham.
News from Congo
Kinshasa Sunday School, pictured above and below left
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