Gospel News · January - April 2016

Editorial | Our Humiliation
The Gospel News
Volume 28 | No.1 | January ~ April 2016
Webuye Bible Class, Kenya
entral to God’s plan of atonement is the
idea that the Lord Jesus was our represen-
tative; that we are in Him and He is to be in
us. His path to glory becomes ours. He, a man
of our nature, who grew up as a working man
in an obscure small town in a backwater of a
great empire where His race was marginal-
ized… who knew all about caring for kid
brothers and sisters when there was little cash
and food on the table… and His mum being
viewed askance in the neighbourhood, talk of
pregnancy out of wedlock and all that… This
man was the one who rose up to be somehow
more than man, developing a perfect mind,
never sinning, in commission nor omission, and
came to have nothing less than the mind of
God. We are not to merely look on at Him as
spectators at a show, nor as Orthodox
believers view an icon or steeple crucifix from
afar, feeling they can never realistically aspire
to His achievement. The message of the Lord’s
humanity and representative human nature