Gospel News · May - August 2015

y God's grace, we shall live for ever. We
need to regularly think of it, the life
eternal, endless, infinite, without end, on
and on and on and on, a line without end.
Yes, we need to close our eyes and wilfully
think of this until the mind trips and we are
left with a breathless sense of wonder. That I,
the little boy from a south London suburb,
with glasses and a mole on my lip, shall never
die. For salvation, as Robert Roberts said so
long ago, is personal. You, me - we - shall live
for ever. There are times when a man comes
down very small before God - and such
moments of realization are one of those
times. And the art of spiritual life is surely to
live daily life, hour by hour, in the spirit of
those moments of realization, of feeling so
very small before our Maker and our Saviour.
For life lived in this spirit, of humility, of
smallness before God, is perhaps what He
seeks from us above all things.
The eternity of the life ahead dwarfs all daily
problems, the crises of life and death, into
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Volume 27 | No.2 | May ~ August 2015
Part of the 1,150 Brethren, Sisters and Youth at the Kenya Youth Camp.
Truly the Lord has blessed the Kenya preaching work. Also the incredible amount of work so many have
done over the years of establishing the Truth. Well done, good and faithful servants of the Lord.