Gospel News · January - April 2015

God’s Greatness and Your Problem (Psalm 104:1)
| Bro David Yelulani (Banket, Zimbabwe)
here is always the danger that you
unconsciously reduce God to the limits of
your own thinking, because you are
convinced that it cannot be done and you
link God in your mind with that which you
consider to be impossible.
When you have been as logical as possible,
and when your reason has reached its limits
and you are convinced that you have studied
every facet of a particular problem, you must
remember that beyond your thought and
power lies the greatness of God.
All knowledge is partial, but when you link
your thought power with meditative qualities
you learn to draw upon the infinite resources
of the omniscient God. You cannot say you
have done all in your power to solve your
problem until you have thought about it in
the presence of God. When you do this, God’s
Spirit inspires your ideas and enables you to
penetrate even further into the problem and
gives deeper understanding from angles you
have not thought of considering. It is wise to
place your problem under the security of God
for He understands it in its completeness.
Because your Father knows all about your
problem and you have implicit faith in Him,
He will guide you in the way you should go.
Do not lack confidence in His leading, but go
forward knowing that He understands your
problem and with your co-operation He will
bring things to a satisfactory conclusion.
Joy in the Scriptures
| Bro Roy Soffe (Portsmouth, UK)
efinitions of Joy include Gladness,
Pleasure and Delight and it is fairly safe
to assume that everyone has experienced one
or all of these feelings during their lifetime.
Perhaps something has been achieved.
Possibly this was by obtaining a sought-after
job, or a relationship has developed into
marriage which is a delightful occasion, and
in due time children come along which bring
great pleasure and because of the enlarged
family a new home has to be found. So many
things can bring joy, gladness, pleasure and
delight. Looking back through history there
are many incidents and occasions that have
brought great joy to those concerned.
On a spiritual level, we can look into the
pages of Scripture and find situations where
joy must have been experienced even in the
realms of Heaven, the dwellingplace of the
Perhaps we ourselves have experienced the
joy of re-union with family or friends that we
have not seen for a long time and it is natural
to go to great lengths to make it a memo-
rable occasion.
Another instance of joy, albeit in the form of
a parable, is the story of the prodigal son
recorded in Luke 15:11-23. We find a similar
situation to that of Jacob. A son, thought to
be dead returns home. In real life we can
imagine this father, possibly speechless,
because he was filled with so much joy in
having his son safe and well.
Another example is in the book of Genesis
which records Joseph re-uniting with his
brethren and making plans for them to return
to Jacob to tell him that Joseph had sent
them (Genesis 45:9-13,24-28). For Jacob to
be united once more with Joseph whom he
thought had died, must have filled him with
emotion and no doubt he shed many tears of
joy. What joy Jacob must have experienced!
No doubt he had resigned himself to not
seeing his favourite son again. The narrative
continues in 46:1-7,26-30.
~ continued ...