Gospel News · January - April 2015

News from Arabia
We have just? returned from an excellent
weekend in Gaborone despite having to
improvise with our conference venue at the
last moment we were told they had double
booked and so we had to squash into a biggish
lounge at the guest house where we were
staying and not have the use of the ‘official
conference room’ but it was a really great
Our brothers Gary and young Lucky did us
proud speaking about Demons and Suffering -
we had a good response of 22 in attendance
and the more informal atmosphere of the
lounge worked well. The good news is that
another student approached us and said he
Through the generosity of Bro E of Qatar
and Bro D of Oman, a brief pastoral visit was
made by Bro Alan Eyre of Jamaica to some
of the many Christadelphian brethren and
a few Sisters scattered widely across this
fundamentalist Muslim Sultanate.
Conversion to Christianity or even private
meetings for prayer and Bible reading in
homes by non Muslims, are strictly
forbidden, and very serious consequences
follow discovery by the authorities.
Nevertheless “the Word of God is not
bound” (2 Timothy 2:9), and almost
miraculously, in one oasis in the Arabian
desert alone, ten earnest seekers for Bible
truth are presently preparing for baptism.
You will appreciate that any more detail is
inappropriate at this time, but our prayers
News from Botswana
| Bro Paul and Sis Leonie Verster
wants to be baptised next time - this is so
encouraging as Botswana seems to be so slow
in getting people to commit.? There is such a
good spirit amongst the brothers there and
our brothers - it is such a joy to be part of it
all. Bro Lucky this morning gave the exhorta-
tion and he is really worth his weight in gold
in that he was able to change from the exhor-
tation? on kindness that he had prepared to
one on preaching? which was in tune with the
readings. It was fitting and excellent. It was
also great to see our new brother Galelatsang
making a point of chatting to each of the new
students on the Saturday and explaining that
he was always available for discussion. We
feel greatly encouraged and thank God.
are needed for all in great difficulties in
many parts of the world.