Gospel News · January - April 2015

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Carelinks | Ukraine and Ukraine Bible School
lease do continue praying for Ukraine and
our brothers and sisters there. The situa-
tion is truly tragic, as a nation divides against
itself, Russians against Ukrainians, young
pro-westerners against older folk who look to
the East rather than the West. Several thou-
sand people have been
killed in the violence,
many thousands
injured, homes and
villages destroyed,
over a million refugees
as families divide, as
some take refuge in
Russia and others flee
to safer parts of
Ukraine. These events
have touched many in
our community in
Ukraine. Sister Elena
attended the Bible
School, having fled
Kramatorsk after her
apartment block was
shelled and glass
knocked out of the
windows. Please pray
that when she returns,
it will be habitable.
And please pray, too,
for those younger and middle aged brethren
who are now receiving their call up papers to
fight for the Ukrainian army. The situation
was such that the sanatorium we were
planning to use for the School had to turn us
away at the last minute - it is filled with
injured people. We were really blessed to
find another sanatorium at short notice.
Despite all these prob-
lems, we held a very
spiritual Bible School,
attended by a total of
70 brothers and sisters
and their friends; some
only came for a day
but it was a wonderful
experience and we
thank you for your
donations which
enabled it. Brother
Andy Taylor from the
Windermere UK
ecclesia, came out and
gave some talks and
spent time pastorally
supporting our new
brothers and sisters.
He is a very mature
and spiritual brother
and we loved his
company. We also had
a group of six African
visitors, the fruit of the work of our Brother
Samuel in Odessa, and one of them,
JACKSON, was baptized by brother Andy.
Viktor being carried to the water for baptism