Gospel News · September - December 2014

ZIMBABWE continued
MATHABISA | Bro David Ngwenya
Greetings to you all in the Name of our
Creator and His Son, Jesus Christ. We are
delighted to report the baptism of
Musaslin a Khumalo of Mathabisa. May
God bless him on his journey to the
Kingdom. May God give me the power for
preaching the Word of God, the Bible.
What's The Significance of People Taking
Hold of the Hem of Jesus’ Clothing
(Matthew 14:36)?
The Law of Moses commanded the Jews to
make “borders” of blue upon their clothes
(Num. 15:38), presumably to remind them of
Heaven in daily life. The people were taking
hold of the righteousness of Jesus, and were
thereby healed. The healing had a basis - the
fact that Jesus was perfectly righteous. But
the same Hebrew word is found in Mal. 4:2,
speaking of how the Messianic “sun of right-
eousness” was to arise with “healing in His
hems”. Their seeking for healing in the hem
of the Lord's clothes was therefore a sign that
RUSSIA | Our new Brother Vladimir - he plays
professionally in the Udmurt Philharmonic Orchestra
they accepted Him as Messiah. But the
“arising” of Malachi 4 is the time of the
Kingdom established on earth, with Judah
freed from her oppressors. The time for Mal.
4:2 was not then. They thought it was. And
yet the Lord still goes along with their misun-
derstanding, by granting them healing from
His hems. This may have been simply from
compassion of the moment towards human
need; or it could be that the Lord was happy
to reward faith when He saw it, even if it was
based upon somewhat wrong interpretation
of the Father's word. D.H.
UKRAINE | With joy we baptised Brother Viktor at the Kiev Bible School -
it took four brethren to immerse our brother as he has had a severe stroke and cannot walk