Gospel News · September - December 2014

e all likely imagine ourselves to be
liberal minded, open to change, aware
that we’re on a journey, unafraid of where
we might be led. But reality is otherwise.
From childhood we prefer routine, doing the
same things in the same way with the same
people. We observe people existing in awful
situations, physically and emotionally -
because they cannot bear the thought of
being any other way. When things get tough
in life, or painful memories are re-stimu-
lated, we tend to react in the same
well-worn paths of response, open the fridge
and find something sweet, say the same
angry words, think the same bitter thoughts,
recall the same acutely painful memories of
related pain.
But the call of Christ, the way of the Spirit, is
the very opposite of conservatism. We are
challenged daily from God’s word, from the
path we are taken by providence, the people
we are led to meet, the situations the Angels
arrange for us… and the enigmatic words of
Editorial | We Must Change
The Gospel News
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Volume 26 | No.3 | Sept ~ Dec 2014
Turbo, Kenya Sunday School, with Bro Emmanuel Milimo sitting down,
Sis Beautrice in the centre and Sis Nancy Nafula standing right