Gospel News · September - December 2012

Gospel News — Sep-Dec 2012
experience that reminded me how small I was in comparison.
Later, with this scene in mind, I couldn't help but think about John in Revelation 1:15. While in the Isle of Patmos, he saw a vision of the risen Lord Jesus. The apostle described Jesus in the glory of his resurrection, noting both his clothes and his physical qualities. Then John described Christ's voice as the sound of many waters (v15).
I am not sure I fully appreciated what that meant until I visited Broaderick Falls and was overwhelmed by the thundering sound of them. As those mighty waters reminded me of my own smallness, I better understood why John fell at the feet of Christ as if dead (v17). Perhaps my description will help you grasp the awesomeness of Jesus' presence and prompt you to follow John's example of worshipping the Saviour. True worship of God changes admiration into adoration.
Broaderick Falls
"For Me"
Bro John Kasanda (Kasumpa, Zambia)
Do you remember the first letter you ever received? Perhaps you have not had that exciting experience of having Mother call out, "Here is a letter that came in the mail for you today!" "For me?" you cry, running quickly to take it from her. "Yes, for you, here it is." Excitedly you open it, read what it says, re-read it, then put it where it will be safe until you want to look at it again. And you will read it again, especially if it is from a favourite grandparent or aunt or uncle.
Every day the Post Office handles a lot of mail. Think of it: piles and stacks and mounds of letters and parcels. But only that one letter that has your name on it matters to you. That is the important one because it has a message just for you.
How many books do you suppose there are in this world? Think of them all: school books, encyclopaedias, comic books, travel books, picture books, to name a few, let alone read them. And you wouldn't need to, for most of them were not written for you. But there is one book which is, and that is the one you should have near you now. The Bible is like a letter to you from a very special person -"The God" of this universe in which you live.
In it, He tells you a lot of things about yourself, about Himself and about the world in which you live. About things that happened in the past: Genesis chapter 1 to Jude v25, and also about things that will happen in the future: Revelation. In the Bible, God tells you about His love for mankind, John 3:16. So in a very genuine sense, the Bible is God's love letter to you.
Whether it is your first Bible or not, it is always an exciting experience to open God's love letter to you, and read what it has to say. You will want to read it again and again, and see everything God says, because this book, like no other, is especially for you.