Gospel News · March - May 2012

Gospel News — Mar-May 2012
In our situation, faith is undoubtedly required to attempt the complex undertaking of resettling our brethren in the refugee camps. We must take courage from the examples shown - the beginnings of the achievements cited, were very humble – Jesus started with five loaves and two fishes to feed a large multitude, and Jochebed used bulrush, slime and pitch in her attempt to defeat the command of a mighty tyrant in her time. Our Heavenly Father blessed their effort of faith to the utmost. Had they focussed only on their meagre beginning, they would not have moved on. Considering our goal, it would appear that we, too, do not have much to begin with, but learning from the above examples, we should look up to heaven and move on with what we have, leaving the outcome to the Most High God of Heaven and Earth.
Why We Became Refugees
I have just read the dreadfully sad five-page account of how Brother and Sister Nyongolo survived to become refugees.
Bro Nyongolo is now 28 from a married Congolese father and Burundian mother. During the tribal war between the two tribes his father was killed and he and his mother, in fear of their lives, fled into the bush for a few years and ended up in Mboko where they were attacked; his mum suffered gunshot and knife wounds and his father's relatives threw them both into lake Tangnyika to drown – Sadly, Bro Nyongolo's mother drowned but he somehow managed to get to the shore and eventually to Kigoma (Tanzania), where a kindly truck driver enabled him to stow away in his truck to South Africa, as he had no passport. He stayed for a while as an asylum seeker, managed a little work and then was beaten unconscious and left for dead. Amazingly he recovered in hospital, but later suffered another attack and after further
hospitalization was discharged and put in prison; after six months he escaped and ran away to Zimbabwe.
His wife was raped at 13 and again later and had two children and fled to Zimbabwe. These two met in Zimbabwe and shared their horrible experiences and eventually got married and God has blessed them with twin girls and the six of them are now together in the Tongogara Refuge, Camp, which, as camps go, is reasonable and they are so, so happy to be there. The Lord provided so that CAT and others have been able to give them a little help, for which we thank and praise Him – alas not all who seek to be refugees have such a happy ending. We praise the Lord, that several more have been baptised in the Tongogara refugee camp where there are is now an ecclesia of fifteen Christadelphian refugees.
Bro and Sister Nyongolo and their four children
Judging by Appearances?
Bro Mumbelunga Green (Ndola, Zambia)
Samson: Like Isaac, Samuel and John the Baptist, Samson was born to a woman who was previously barren. An angel promised Manoah and his wife that they would have a son who would begin to